Saturday, 14 January 2012

Cloverfield: Bombs, evacuations … And a FINE Found Footage Film!

Oh, now I’ve GOT to admit — and I know I use the word often enough to have the relevant page marked in the nearest thesaurus — I’m impressed.

You can TELL I’m impressed.

Usually, because I make a point of telling you … !

This time … ?

This time, though, I’m definitely impressed, definitely want to repeat the word for emphasise …

And definitely want to tell you why.

You see …

I’ve just had Kevin D over, for the evening: complete with his copy of the 2008, Matt Reeves film, Cloverfield.

And impressed is definitely the word for the film.


Shot in a ‘found footage’ style, Cloverfield sees a small group of New York based friends holding a surprise party for Robert “Rob” Hawkins — played by Michael Stahl-David — to celebrate his leaving for Japan, and a new job.

A party which goes as well as one can expect — gossip, drunks, an old friend, wandering around with a steady cam — until, fairly late in the evening, an extra — and VERY unexpected — guest, arrives.

Destroys a building.


And knock’s off the head of the Statue of Liberty


Now, about the one hundred and one uses of the word, ‘impressed’ that I’ve used, over the years … ?

I really have to look at a thesaurus at some point, won’t I … ?

At any rate, though … ?

I think I’m justified in using it, in the case of Cloverfield.

Usually … ?

Recent ‘found footage’ style films that Kevin and I have watched have been — if not ropey — than certainly debatable: Apollo 18* in particular.

Cloverfield, on the other hand … ?

Cloverfield is a very good example of the ‘found footage’ style, certainly making others I’ve seen into a cocked hat.

Whether it matched the hype — it famously had a very good viral marketing campaign — I really couldn’t tell you.

But I DO know it had two very pleased viewers, last night …

Paul: ★★★☆
Kevin: ★★★☆
Average: ★★★☆

* Kevin D, when he’s on form, can be very creative: ESPECIALLY when it comes to movies he doesn’t like. Trust me, this tweet doesn’t even START … !

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