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Torchwood: Miracle Day Episode 8. End Of the Road.

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Hmmm …
You know, Grub, it really is a shame you missed last week’s episode of Miracle Day, it really is.
I’m going to happily maintain that.

Although, saying that … ?

Saying that, I’m really none too sure if I’d say the same for tonight’s episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day, I’m really not.

And that’s despite a guest appearance — carried over from last week’s episode — of Star Trek veterans, Nana Visitor* and John DeLancieº.


But let’s see if I can’t attempt some form of summary, shall I … ?

Following on from last week’s 7th Episode, Episode 8 — The End of the Road — sees Jack, Gwen, Rex and Esther taken by Olivia Calasantos to met Jack’s lost lost love, Angelo.

Who, by now, is in his 90s and left ravaged by old age, after having kept himself alive since 1928, by all sorts of methods.

And having tried to join the three mobsters who’d stolen a lot of Jack’s blood, in an effort to do … something …

Hmmm …

This episode didn’t actually tell us what, though …

Instead, it focuses more on Jack catching up with Angelo, by way of his granddaughter, Olivia — Nana Visitor — and this little reunion being interrupted.

Firstly … ?

By an aborted CIA raid, led by Bill Friedkin.

And then …

Then by Angelo’s death.

Angelo had some stolen Torchwood technology under the bed: something Jack calls a Null field.

Something that seemingly prevented the Miracle from working on Angelo.

And that Jack’s tells Rex and Esther has to be gotten out of the hands of the CIA.

A removal that sees Jack shot in the process, and Gwen deported from the US, by Rex’s former boss at the CIA, Allen Shapiro, played by John DeLancie.


Hmmm …

Now …

What to make of this little lot … ?

Hmmm …

Now, I’ll confess, I’m not sure that I was ENTIRELY taken with End Of the Road: it’s strikes me it’s a filler episode.

Nicely done, well written and acted, but none the less, filler.

Frankly … ?

I’m thinking it’s a nice use of both it’s guest stars, Visitor and DeLancie: and something that had me, at least, wanting to see more of the two of them.

But … ?

I’m thinking this was the bridging episode, that’ll lead us to the last two.

Lets see what happens, next week, shall we … ?

* Nana Visitor played Major Kira in the long running Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: possibly the character with the worst temper — bar Odo — in the whole show.

º John DeLancie cropped up as the demi-godling, Q, in the first episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and appeared in near enough every one of the spin-offs, bar Enterprise. And frankly … ? Was one of my favourite semi-regular characters. Imagine running into science-fiction’s version of of an old fashioned warrior arch-angel, with powers and abilities beyond the capacity of humankind to perceive or imagine. And he’s got the most irritating sense of humour you’ve ever come across, combined with the most annoying personality. And LOVES knowing you can’t do a THING about it … !

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