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Torchwood: Miracle Day Episode 7. Immortal Sins

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Whoah … !


I’ve got to admit, I hate it when my mobile phone network — O2, in case your wondering — goes down.

It means I can’t tweet from my mobile.

Which has come in handy for the past few Thursdays as my desktop is on the other side of the room from my TV.

Which, as you can imagine, is what I was watching tonight’s episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day on.

Grub … ?

Grub, am I making sense … ?

Gosh, I hope so.

What I’m trying to say is that I am on Twitter* — @Cuddy2977, if you’re looking — and tweet about what I’m watching from the comfort of my rather battered armchair, by sending text messages to my Twitter account.

And had O2’s network NOT gone down … ?

I THINK my thumb would’ve permanently been on the keyboard of my ageing but trustworthy Nokia … !


Now, I know Grub, bless ’im, is going to be telling you — at some point — that I burbling.

I’m actually going to disagree, here.

Because I actually think tonight’s episode of Miracle Day was worth tweeting about.

Let me try and summarise, shall I … ?

Immortal Sins follows on, almost directly from last week’s episode, The Middle Men, after Gwen has been coerced into kidnapping Jack and taking him to a pre-arranged point in the Californian hinterlands.

And, while Gwen’s taking him there, she and Jack are talking about how they feel. About Torchwood, itself. About how Gwen feel’s about her daughter, and how she’d happily kill Jack to defend Anwen.

And parallel to this is … ?

Is an old-school bit of Jack’s back-storyº, telling us of a time during the 1920s when Jack visited New York, fell in love with an Italian immigrant call Angeloª, and destroys a hideous alien parasite.

And gets repeatedly killed by Angelo, who can’t tell if his lover is a dæmon, or a blessing.

You an see the telegraphed mention of ‘a blessing’ right there, can’t you … ?

Because, of course, one particular scene shows us three businessmen making a deal to buy Jack and his blood.

And Immortal Sins climaxes with Gwen and Jack confronting the newly introduced — and so far unnamed — character played by Nana Visitorº.

Who tells him the lover he thought long dead is still alive and knows the answer to the question of Miracle Day …


Now …

I’ll be honest, frank, confessional … and possibly rhubarb flavoured, here, as well.

I LOVED Immortal Sins.

I personally feel it’s managed to integrate the US cast and setting into the series, AND call on enough of the ‘old’ Torchwood feel to keep longterm fans happy‡.

AND I’m also thinking there’s enough in there for the more conservative viewer to have a heart attack about … !

I’m thinking it’s taken a while …

But Torchwood: Miracle Day

Is now ready to rock and roll, from it’s US base.

And STILL make Mary Whitehouse spin in her grave … !

* I Tweet, Grub doesn’t. He gets bored easily. Let’s move on, shall we … ?

ª Told in a way to seriously annoy Daily Mail readers.

º Who I can still remember seeing as Major Kira Nerysʰ in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

ʰ Russell T Davies, I’m WATCHING you … Bloody Welsh Nationalists, HONESTLY … !

‡ Although I can pretty much guarantee Grub will find SOMETHING: but of the two of us, he’s the more cynical. You may have noticed …

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