Monday, 9 January 2012

The Saint James Road Planning Application … Shame On You, Taylor Wimpey.

You know, I’ve GOT to admit, Brentwood Council’s IT department seems to have got their act together, and FINALLY put the necessary plans up on their website.

Just so you know what I’m talking about … ?

You probably did know it, but developers, Taylor Wimpey have been wanting to build all sorts of things on an undeveloped patch of land around the corner from me, on Saint James Road.

Something I’ve always publicly objected to, as I feel the associated parking will seriously impede emergency vehicle access to Rollason Way, where I actually live.

I still think this, ever since I originally objected to the plans at a council planning committee meeting, back in 2010.

Now, however … ?

Well, I still have deep concerns about the safety of me neighbours and I.

I STILL think there’s issues that the developers haven’t addressed.

The new set of plans that they’ve submitted, at the end of 2011, included areas for shops, office space, and flats: along with parking I feel is insufficient.

What’s more … ?

Taylor Wimpey has ALSO included acover letter that — in part — reads:
Taylor Wimpey employ in the region of 70 staff in our Brentwood office on Kings Road. It is proposed that Taylor Wimpey will take the proposed new office space (12,766 sq. ft) and release back to the market our current floor space which comprise 11,255 sq. ft. Our existing lease runs out at the end of 2012 and we are currently negotiating terms.However it is worth noting that there is the real possibility of the office moving outside of Brentwood to areas that provide cheaper office space. (My italics)
Now, I’m thinking ALL sorts of things about that.

For starters … ?

For starters, Taylor Wimpey were/are thinking of moving their offices.

Given that those of us who live in the area know there’s plenty of empty office space in town?

I have to ask why Taylor Wimpey haven’t looked at acquiring some of that.

The second question … ?

Is about the section of the letter I]ve italised, towards the end of that paragraph: “However it is worth noting that there is the real possibility of the office moving outside of Brentwood to areas that provide cheaper office space.

Now, I’ve got to be blunt, here, that will be a blow to the people of Brentwood, in terms of jobs, and much needed business rates, if that’s the course of action they choose.

I can understand a business wanting to eye up cheaper options, to save money..

But … ?

But I’m going to be blunt, here.

I’ll call Taylor Wimpey’s threatening to move their offices, if they don’t get their way, what it is.

I call it bullying.

And deplorable behaviour, whether it’s in the playground.

Or in council chambers.

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Karen Chilvers said...

Share your views totally on the attitude of the developer - "Let us do what we want or else" - but also consider that there would be cost implications for their staff if they were to move that far away so it should be taken with a pinch of salt.

I do hope that the WHOLE area is considered on parking grounds, not just one block.