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The Friday Question Set — 10-5-2013

Well, then … 

I’d say that’s pretty much definitive, then.

ABBA aren’t getting back together … !

At least, not according to the rather fluffy interview the BBC News channel’s just shown with former ABBA member, Agnetha Faltskog.

That’s possibly a shame for ABBA fans … but possibly sensible on the band’s part.   After all, it mean’s there’s nothing new to cannibalised the back-catalogue sales, or any solo material.

Hmmm … 

Amazing what catches you eye, with the telly on in the background … 

At ANY rate, today is Friday: which which my regular readers will realise means it’s is time for the 
Friday Question Set: covered by the usual Creative Commons License*.

Online 202

Q1) In police terms, a SOCO is a what Officer?
A1) Scene of Crime Officer

Q2) Where would you find the Spirit of Ecstasy?
Q2) On the bonnet of a Rolls Royce, it’s the radiator badge.

Q3) There are two loan words in the English language, from Czech.   One is Robot.   What’s the other: pistol, piston, or petunia?
A3) Pistol.

Q4) In a non leap year, if February the 1st is a Thursday, what day day is March 1st?
A4) Thursday.

Q5) Which car maker produced the Prefect?
A5) Ford.   (Possibly the only car to have a science fiction character named after it.)

Q6) If you were riding along Rotten Row, in which London park would you be?
A6) Hyde Park.

Q7) What word can go before “all”, “cast”, & “take”?
A7) “Over”.

Q8) Who wrote the novel A Clockwork Orange?
A8) Anthony Burgess.

Q9) On  a standard computer keyboard, what function key is in the top left corner?
A9) The Escape key

Q10) Which former Big Brother contestant opened a beauty saloon, in Hertford, called Uglys?
A10) Jade Goody.


Q11) Which planet in the Solar System has the longest day, Venus, Earth or Mars?
A11) Venus.

Q12) What make of computer has an apple on it?
A12) The Apple Macintosh.

Q13) The Vertebra is which bit of your skeleton?
A13) The Spinal Column.   (Accept just spine.)

Q14) What type of reptile is an adder?
A14) A snake.

Q15) What’s the word for a satellite’s path around a planet?
A15) Its orbit

Q16) What does a limnologist study, limes, lakes, or lions?
A16) Lakes.

Q17) What’s the second largest organ in the Human body?
A17) The lungs.

Q18) What was the first mammal to be cloned.
A18) A sheep.   (Dolly the Sheep)

Q19) Rigel is in which constellation, Orion, The Big Dipper or Pisces?
A19) Orion.

Q20) What was the name of the first hurricane to be given a name?
A20) Carol.


Q21) What name is given to a small robust clock enclosed in a glass-sided metal frame, usually with a handle at the top?
A21) Carriage Clock.

Q22) What is the average adult pulse rate in beats per minute; – 50, 60, or 70 bpm?  
A22) 70.

Q23) What did Cinderella lose at midnight?
A23) A tiny glass slipper.

Q24) As well as being called ‘the morning’ what other name is given to the period of time before midday?   
A24) Forenoon

Q25) Which device, designed to mark exact time by a regularly repeated tick is of benefit to practising musicians?
A25) A metronome.

Q26) In Doctor Who, what does TARDIS stand for?
A26) Time And Relative Dimensions In Space

Q27) What — according to 18th century writer, Edward Young — is the thief of time?
A27) Procrastination (to put off).

Q28) How long is a nanosecond: one hundred millionth of a second, one thousand millionth of a second, or one million millionth of a second?
A28) One thousand millionth of a second - 1,000,000,000

Q29) How many seconds (usually) does a boxer have to be knocked down for before being considered to be knocked out?
A29) 10 seconds

Q30) What did the Ten Hours Act of 1847 British restrict: the working day, pub opening hours, or Parliament’s working week?
A30) The working day of all workers except adult males.


Q31) Which soap was a spin-off of Dynasty?
A31) The Colbys.

Q32) In which Landing did some members of Dallas’s Ewing family settle?
A32) Knots Landing.

Q33) In EastEnders what was Sonia's surname after she married Martin?
A33) Fowler.

Q34) Who was Jess Griffin’s dad in Holby City?
A34) Ric Griffin.

Q35) Which Australian soap is set in Summer Bay?
A35) Home and Away.

Q36) On which Cell Block might there be a Prisoner in an Australian soap?
A36) Cell Block H.

Q37) In which soap is there a pub called the Woolpack?
A37) Emmerdale.

Q38) Who was Danny Baldwin’s wife when they first moved into Coronation Street?
A38) Frankie.

Q39) What was Cili’s surname before she married Coronation Streets Les Battersby?
A39) Brown.

Q40) Which Emmerdale family’s members include Sam and Delilah?
A40) Dingle.


Q41) In which country would you find Manila?
A41) The Philippines.

Q42) The ancient trading post of Malacca can be found in which country?
A42) Malaysia.

Q43) Israel has occupied the West Bank of which river since 1967?
A43) Jordan.

Q44) Which native East Asian plant is the richest natural vegetable food?
A44) Soya.

Q45) Where did the Gang of 4 try to seize power in 1976?
A45) China

Q46) Which 13th century Mongol warlord controlled probably a larger area than anyone in history, from the Black Sea to the Yellow Sea?
A46) Genghis Khan

Q47) With what is the Japanese art of Bonsai concerned?
A47) Miniature trees.

Q48) What is the capital of Pakistan?
A48) Islamabad.

Q49) Which country is the world’s largest producer of Tea?
A49) India.

Q50) What was the well-known former name of Iran?
A50) Persia.


Q51) Which Queen attended the very 1st Royal Ascot: Queen Anne, Queen Victoria or Queen Elizabeth the 1st?
A51) Queen Anne

Q52) EOKA was a terrorist organisation on which Mediterranean island?
A52) Cyprus.

Q53) Which European country was the 1st in the world to introduce number plates?
A53) France.

Q54) Who was born first, Charles Darwin, or Albert Einstein?
A54) Charles Darwin.

Q55) In the acronym, RADAR, what does the second R stand for?
A55) Ranging.   (The complete phrase is RAdio Detection And Ranging)

Q56) Which RAF rank is higher, Air Commodore, or Group Captain?
A56) Air Commodore.

Q57) Who once said that “History is bunk”?
A57) Henry Ford.

Q58) What is the fifth book of the Old Testament?
A58) Deuteronomy.

Q59) Jo-Raquel Tejad is better known as which Hollywood star?
A59) Raquel Welch.

Q60) What was George 2nd supposedly sitting on at the time of his death?
A60) The Toilet.

Enjoy those: I’ll catch you next week … 

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