Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The Brentwood Gazette’s Weekly Teaser — 29-4-2015: Everybody Dance

Ah … !


THAT’S turned up.

Bless, I promised a friend/neighbour of mine that I’d try and get hold of a copy of the Christian Slater/Winona Rider film, Heathers: something of a cult classic, I seem to recall.

Hopefully … ?

Well, hopefully, I’ll be able to back it up, before Faye comes to pick it up.

Here’s hoping!

But let’s get moving on, shall we?

After all, it’s Wednesday.

Which means it’s time for the Brentwood Gazette’s Weekly Teaser.

Here’s this week’s dancing questions: covered by the usual Creative Commons License*
Q1) 29th April is International Dance Day.   It was introduced in which year of the 1980s?
Q2) The date was picked to honour Jean-Georges Noverre: the man credited with making which dance form popular?
Q3) In which dance would you — at various points — shake it all about?
Q4) Name either of the South American countries the Tango is said to have originated in.
Q5) Which T is both a dance and a hit for Chubby Checker … ?
Q6) Raqs sharqi is better known as good old fashioned Egyptian what?
Q7) Waltzes are usually in which time signature: ¾, 4/4 or 5/4 … ?
Q8) The Hopak is traditionally dance by many Ukrainians: and which Russian peoples … ?
Q9) What’s the name of the BBC 1 show, focussing on ballroom dancing … ?
Q10) Finally … what’s the name of the US version of the show … ?
Here’s last week’s questions, with their answers …
Q1) 22nd April is Earth: originally introduced at a UNESCO conference.   In which year was that conference: 1968, 1969 or 1970?
Q2) It was later pick up by US politician, Gaylord Nelson.   Was Nelson a Senator or Representative?
Q3) That first (US) Earth Day was held in 1970: with BIG events in two major US cities.   Name either city.
Q4) One world-famous, US, shopping street was shut for that first Earth Day.   WHICH shopping street: Fifth Avenue, Seventh Avenue or Walnut Street?
Q5) The next major Earth Day events were in which year of the 1990s?
Q6) That year saw a song released to mark the event: by Warner Bros.   The song was called ‘Tomorrow’s …’ what: People, World or Dinner?
Q7) 22nd April is ALSO ‘International Mother Earth Day’.   This was established by the UN General Assembly, after a resolution was introduced: by which South American country?
Q8) We’re encouraged to recycle, in the wake of Earth Day.   Food waste can be used in the garden: after it’s been what?
Q9) If we’re recycling glass we can put it in a bottle … what?
Q10) Finally … ’fridges, computers, mobile phones and computers that need recycling are known as what type of waste?
A1) 1969.
A2) A senator.
A3) New York and Philadelphia.
A4) Fifth Avenue.   (Fifth Avenue and Seventh Avenue are both in New York: Walnut Street is in Philadelphia.)
A5) 1990.
A6) Tomorrow’s World.   (Written by noted country singer, Kix Brooks.   Who’s noted, MOSTLY for writing this tune … )
A7) Bolivia.
A8) Composted.   (I’ve no idea: I only know my Granma said it was a good thing to do!)
A9) Bottle bank.   My nearest one is near the town hall.
A10) E-waste.
Enjoy this: I’ll catch you later.

*        All that means is that you’re free to copy, use, alter and build on each of my quizzes: including the Teasers, Gazette Teasers and the Friday Question Sets.   All I ask in return is that you give me an original authors credit on your event’s flyers or posters, or on the night: and, if you republish them, give me an original authors credit AND republish under the same license.   A link back to the site — and to the Gazette’s, if that’s where you’ve found these — would be appreciated: as would pressing my donate button, here.

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