Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Storage 24 — South London SciFi

12th February, 2013.

Right … 

I’m going to be honest, here: I think the older I get, the more 22:51 hours starts to look like a late night.

But I DID want to at least start on this post: to make sure I told you I’d seen the Johannes Roberts direct, Noel Clarke produced, indie Brit-flick, Storage 24.

And while it may not be the greatest movie in the history of sci-fi-horrors … ?

It IS an entertaining one … 

Right … back in the morning … ish … !


13th February, 2013.

Right … Back to the action: and let’s get talking about Storage 24, shall we … ?

I literally had nothing to do, last night: and frankly … ?   Frankly had just enough in my iTunes account  to rent meself a movie.

And, as you might have already worked out, the one I went for was the Johannes Roberts directed, Noel Clarke produced, film, Storage 24.

Set in the modern day, Storage 24 sees Clarke as Charlie: a man who — along with his old friend, Mark (Colin O’Donohue) — is attempting to get a few last bits from storage: after having been dumped by his girlfriend, Shelley, played by Antonia Campbell-Hughes.  (Who’s likewise supported by her best mate, Nikki, played by Laura Haddock.)

The uncosy little meeting is interrupted, however.

Firstly, by the simple fact an engineer’s in, to fix the shutter at the front of the self-storage warehouse that’s the film’s setting.

Secondly, by the military cargo plane that’s crashed in South London and triggered a military lock-down in Battersea.

And thirdly … ?

Thirdly, there’s something hideous that keeps clawing it’s way through the pipework: and leaving the occasional corpse behind it … 


Now … 

What did I actually think of the film … ?

Well, I have to admit: it’s not the stunning of films.   But I’m also very aware that the films Noel Clarke has been involved have all generated a certain amount of buzz: and that, like Heartless, occasionally, he does manage to get himself involved with utter gems.

All told … ?

I’d suggest that Storage 24 isn’t high art.   But IS a nice solid piece of work.

But will provide you your money’s worth.
Storage 24   

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