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The Daily Teaser — 18-1-2014: Blue Hawaii

Oh … 

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If you’re in the UK, then there’s no doubt you’ve been following the news about the missing child — Mikaeel Kular — who the police and people of Edinburgh had been collectively looking for.

A body was found, last night.

It also seems that police are talking to someone: said to be his mother.

That’s … 

Well, that’s the worst possible news.   It sounds, to me, that the mother may have killed the child, hidden the body, and then reported it to the police as a Missing Person case: triggering the search that saw so many volunteers from the people of Edinburgh.

Although I’m happy to admit, I could be wrong.   God, I hope I’m wrong!

Either way, a small child has died, who needn’t have.

That’s a tragedy.

The help given by the community — help that we now know to have been futile — can only add to the tragedy.


Yesterday’s Teaser saw Paul O* putting in his answers: and bagging four out of five.

Let’s see how he — and you — do with today’s Hawaiian themed questions, shall we?

Here they are, along with the How ToLicense and video … 

Q1) 18th January, 1778, saw Captain Cook and his crew, become the first Europeans to visit the Hawaiian Islands.   What did Captain Cook name them … ?
Q2) What’s the biggest island in the Hawaiian Island chain … ?
Q3) Which of the Islands is the only one where Hawaiian is spoken as the main language: Maui, Oahu or Niihau … ?
Q4) Liliuokalani was the last royal ruler of Hawaii.   Was Liliuokalani a king or queen?
Q5) Finally … Hawaii is one of two US states not to share a land border with any other US state.   What’s the other US state to have that distinction?
Here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) 17th January, 1773, saw Captain James Cook and his crew become the first Europeans to visit where: the Antarctic, Australia or New Zealand … ?
A1) The Antarctic: or, to be more specific, the Antarctic Circle.
Q2) 17th January, 1904, saw which Anton Chekov play receive its premiere … ?
Q3) 17th January, 1977, saw the execution of killer, Gary Gilmore: in which US state … ?
A3) Utah.
Q4) 17th January, 1929, saw the original appearance of Popeye the Sailor Man.   Which Popeye character would glad pay you on Tuesday, for a hamburger … ?
A4) J. Wellington Wimpy.   (His catchphrase is supposed to be the inspiration the ‘See You Next Wednesday’ line used in many John Landis films.)
Q5) Finally … 17th January, 1918, saw the first serious battles between the Red and White Guards.   In which European country’s Civil War … ?
A5) Finland’s.
I’ll leave you with this Hawaiian proverb …
“Remain among the clumps of grass and do not elevate yourself.”
Traditional Hawaiian proverb.
And with this piece of soothing Hawaiian music … 

Grab your surfboards, and had have a good day … 

*        Welcome aboard, Paul: glad the How To helped … !

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