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The Friday Question Set — 3-1-2014

You know, that really is remiss of me … !

I managed to completely gorget, last week, to do a Friday Question Set.

That’s … 

Well … 

A touch embarrassing!

But play fair, at least the last one I did was a Christmas one.

He says, shuffling his feet and looking downcast.

At any rate, it’s something I can remedy by making sure THIS week’s is posted up, and spread about … !

So, without two much further ado … ?

Here’s this week’s Friday Question Set: covered by the usual Creative Commons License* …

Online 233
Q1) As of this year, Bulgarians are now allowed into the UK, without restriction: what’s the capital city of Bulgaria?
A1) Sophia.
Q2) This year sees unrestricted access to the UK given to citizens from which other European country … ?
Q2) Romania.
Q3) Who became the first team to lose four consecutive Charity Shields?
A3) Manchester United.
Q4) Who had a 70s number one with Double Barrel: Bob Marley, Dave & Ansell Collins or Bootsy Collins?
A4) Dave & Ansell Collins.
Q5) The Spanish Grand Prix is held on the outskirts of which city?
A5) Barcelona.
Q6) Omphalophobia is the unreasoning fear of what?
A6) Navels.   (Frankly … ?   That’s weird …)
Q7) Shaft, Meteor and Onward are all examples of which vegetable?
A7) Peas.
Q8) What word is the only English anagram of the phrase ‘CANE CHAIRS’?
Q9) What are the odds of rolling a ten, with two six sided dice: 10 to 1, 11 to 1 or 12 to 1?
A9) 11 to 1.
Q10) Mohammed Reza Pahlevi was the last royal ruler of which Middle-eastern country?
A10) Iran.   He was the last Shah.
Q11) Gold Cup Day at Ascot, is also known as what?
A11) Ladies Day.
Q12) The biographies of  Viv Richards & Clive Lloyd were written by which newsreader?
A12) Trevor McDonald.
Q13) Who was the manager of Manchester United’s manager, immediately prior to Sir Alex Ferguson?
A13) Ron Atkinson.
Q14) Who did Jack Charlton play all his League games with?
A14) Leeds United.
Q15) What was the name of the board game launched by Terry Venables?
A15) The Manager.
Q16) In 1848, William Mitchell drew up the rules to which rather sedate sport: Lawn Green Bowls or Croquet?
A16) Lawn Green Bowls.
Q17) The House is the goal area in which icy Scottish sport?
A17) Curling.
Q18) Who’s the first practising Sikh to play Cricket for England?
A18) Monty Panesar.
Q19) Kuwait made its only appearance in football’s World Cup: in which year of the 1980’s?
A19) 1982.
Q20) What’s the oldest recorded sport in Europe?
A20) Hurling
Q21) Nick Nolte described one of his female co-stars as “…a ball breaker.”   Who was he talking about?
A21) Barbra Streisand.
Q22) True or false; - The 1978 version of Superman was Christopher Reeves first film.
A22) False.   It was actually his 2nd.
Q23) Marlene Dietrich appeared in the German version of The Blue Angel.   Who played her role in the US version?
A23) She did.
Q24) Who played Truman, in The Truman Show?
A24) Jim Carrey.
Q25) What was the name of Jodie Forster’s character, in The Silence of The Lambs?
A25) Clarice Starling.   (Accept just Clarice.)
Q26) In the 90s version of Doctor Doolittle, who plays Dr Doolittle?
A26) Eddie Murphy.
Q27) Which Jools appeared in Spiceworld:The Movie?
A27) Jools Holland.
Q28) Which member of the Sex Pistols did Gary Oldman play, in Sid & Nancy?
A28) Sid Vicious.
Q29) Which boxer did Sylvester Stallone famously play?
A29) Rocky Balboa.   (Accept just Rocky.)
Q30) Which west London borough is associated with classic English comedies?
A30) Ealing.
Q31) If you were in France, and crossed La Manche, were would you be?
A31) England.
Q32) Which country has the international registration letter, B?
A32) Belgium.
Q33) Which German city hosted the 1972 Olympics?
A33) Munich.
Q34) In which country is the port of Rotterdam?
A34) Holland.
Q35) Which sea’s name means Middle of the Earth?
A35) The Mediterranean.
Q36) In which city would you find the Champs Elysées
A36) Paris.
Q37) Reykjavik is the capital of which country?
A37) Iceland.
Q38) Which is further south: Corsica or Sardinia?
A38) Sardinia.
Q39) Which river runs through Belgrade, Budapest, and Vienna?
A39) The Danube.
Q40) Which sea is Europe’s lowest point below Sea level?
A40) The Caspian Sea.
Q41) Which well known restaurant critic set up the Society of British Gastronomes?
A41) Egon Ronay.
Q42) August Escoffier made his international reputation at 2 London hotels: name one of them.
A42) The Savoy, or the Carlton.
Q43) Vatcharin Bhumichtr writes about the food of which East Asian country?
A43) Thailand.
Q44) Murphys’s Irish Stout is made in which Irish city?
A44) Cork.
Q45) Which chef presents The F Word?
A45) Gordon Ramsey.
Q46) In 2005, Jamie Oliver presented a series on what: school dinners, hospital food or prison food?
A46) School dinners.
Q47) The island of Madeira shares its name with a fortified wine, and what else?
A47) A cake.
Q48) What are the tops of asparagus called?
A48) Asparagus tips
Q49) Sirlion is what meat?
A49) Beef.
Q50) Which isn’t a tomato: plum, cherry or orange?
A50) Orange.
Q51) In which country is the city of Srinagar?
A51) India.
Q52) Who wrote Rites of Passage?
A52) William Golding.
Q53) Hold Me Tight was the first UK top ten hit for which singer?
A53) Johnny Nash.
Q54) How many sides are there on an endecagon?
A54) 11.
Q55) Joseph Glidden was the man who patented what: the ball point pen, the typewriter or barbed wire … ?
A55) Barbed wire.
Q56) What are the odds of rolling a double 1, on two six sided dice?
A56) 35 to 1.   (Or 1 in 36)
Q57) In Monopoly, if you were on Liverpool Street Station, and rolled a double four, where would you be?
A57) Whitechapel.
Q58) Which statesman won the Nobel Prize for Literature, in 1953?
A58) Sir Winston Churchill.
Q59) What device did Charles Strite invent: the toaster, the microwave or the kenwood mixer … ?
A59) The Toaster.
Q60) Dendrophilia means you’re sexually aroused … by what … ?
A60) Trees
Enjoy that lot … 

Oh, and as a thought … ?   

Happy New Year … !

*        Regulars will know already, but for newcomers … all it means is that you’re free to copy, use, alter and build on each of my quizzes: including the Teasers, Gazette Teasers and the Friday Question Sets.   All I ask in return is that you give me an original authors credit on your event’s flyers or posters, or on the night: and, if you republish them, give me an original authors credit AND republish under the same license.   A link back to the site — and to the Gazette’s, if that’s where you’ve found these — would be appreciated.

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