Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Brentwood Gazette’s Weekly Teaser — 12-3-2014

You know, I think I’m going to have to today as Rushing Wednesday … !

I’ve got got back from Basildon: where I’ve almost finished the ECDL course, I’m on.

And I’ve JUST got time to put up this week’s Brentwood Gazette Teaser, before I head out, again.

Oy yeh … !

At ANY rate … ?

Here’s this week’s questions Coca Cola themed questions: covered by the usual Creative Commons License* …
Q1) 12th March saw the first Coca Cola bottling plant opened: in which US state?
Q2) In which year of the 1890s?
Q3) In which US city was the drink first made?
Q4) It was originally sold as French what cola?
Q5) The original recipe called for thirty pounds of what: sugar, salt or pepper?
Q6) Some US retailers managed to create demand for Coca Cola made with cane sugar.   This version is usually exported from which Central American country … ?
Q7) In which year was Coca Cola declared Kosher … ?
Q8) Two halal alternatives to Coca Cola have been made in Europe: in France and England.   Name either.
Q9) In which year of the 1980s was New Coke introduced … ?
Q10) Finally … In which year of the 1960s, did Coke introduce the “It’s the Real Thing” slogan … ?
And here’s last weeks questions and answers … 
Q1) 5th March saw the death of Joseph Stalin.   In which year of the 1950s?
Q2) Stalin had been leader of what’s now Russia, but what was then the USSR.   What did USSR stand for … ?
Q3) Stalin was born in a USSR republic that’s now present day where: Ukraine, Georgia or Azerbaijan?
Q4) Stalin consolidated power after the 1924 death of the country’s original leader.   Who was that leader … ?
Q5) During his rise to power, Stalin exiled whom: Nikolai Bukharin, Leon Trotsky or Grigory Zinoviev?
Q6) That exile was famously assassinated on Stalin’s orders: whilst the former was in which South American country … ?
Q7) Stalin held the title of ‘Premier of the USSR’.   He was also General Secretary of the Communist Party’s what: Standing Committee, Central Committee or Games Committee?
Q8) In that post, and in 1939, Stalin signed a non-aggression pact: with which country … ?
Q9) During his lifetime, Stalin was the object of what now call a cult of what: celebrity, personality or character?
Q10) Finally … during WW2, Joseph Stalin occasionally known as what: Grandpa Joe, Uncle Joe or Papa Joe?
A1) 1953.
A2) Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
A3) Georgia.
A4) Vladimir Ilich Lenin.
A5) Leon Trotsky.
A6) Mexico.
A7) Central Committee.   (Yes, I know: I wouldn’t like to the games he’d organize, either … !)
A8) Nazi Germany.
A9) Personality.
A10) Uncle Joe.
Enjoy those … !

*        Regulars will know already, but for newcomers … all it means is that you’re free to copy, use, alter and build on each of my quizzes: including the Teasers, Gazette Teasers and the Friday Question Sets.   All I ask in return is that you give me an original authors credit on your event’s flyers or posters, or on the night: and, if you republish them, give me an original authors credit AND republish under the same license.   A link back to the site — and to the Gazette’s, if that’s where you’ve found these — would be appreciated.

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