Friday, 28 March 2014

Tooth And Nail: There’s Better

27th March, 2014.

*Yaaaaaawns* … !

Politely, obviously … 

You know, I do like to rent movies, occasionally.

No, really.

I’ll be frank: I’m job hunting at the mo.

But you knew that, if you’ve been reading this for a while.

You’d also have realised that — occasionally — I’ve enough money put aside to buy an iTunes gift card.

Credit I can eke out on the occasional album.   And — equally — on an occasional film rental: I realise there’s possibly better things to be spending my rare, spare cash on.

But equally, there’s a lot of nasty habits I could be indulging: too much beer, or — ahem — Columbian Marching Powder!

No, I try and rent a movie.

One I can watch*, possibly enjoy, and certainly write about, afterwards.

You’ve possibly noticed that, too, if you’ve been paying attention.

At ANY rate … ?   At any rate, I’ve gone and gone it again: rented a film.

Tonight’s rental … ?   Was the 2007, horror film that is Tooth And Nail.

And much as I’d like to say it’s credit well spent … ?

I’m none too sure if I can … 


28th March, 2014.

Phew …

Or Phewish, at any rate … !

I’ve sort of had a busyish day, today: a visit from an old friend, semi-expecting another — if all goes well — and a visit from my sister, Ruth, and my nephew, Jude.

All fun and games … !

Now I’ve some breathing space, though … ?

I’ll carry on tell you about the film I caught last night, the 2007 film, that is … Tooth And Nail.

And yes, I’m thinking there’s better.


Set a few years from now, Tooth And Nail is set in New York: in a New York after Earth’s been hit by an apocalypse of mind-shattering proportions.

When petrol run’s put.

And follows a small group of survivors who’ve holed up in an abandoned hospital.

They’ve got problems: they’ve little to eat, fresh water when the only when the filters are topped up, and only so much weaponry and ammunition.

They’ve also got another one.

There’s a group of incoming cannibal raiders coming over the horizon:  one led by Michael Madsen, with Vinnie Jones as his second in command‡.

Which is possibly when you know things are getting serious …


Now … ?

There’s better … ?

Yes, I think there is …

I’ll happily confess to have see a few low budget flicks in my time.

Outpost springs to mind, as does Boy Wonder and anything by Ben Wheatley.

But I have to confess, much as I’ve found some great low budget films, I’ve ALSO found a gear-grinding clunker or two^.

And … ?

Well, while I don’t think Tooth and Nail is a complete dead loss — bar the idea of an apocalypse being the fuel running out, Vinnie Jones and Michael Madsen are the best things IN the film — it’s not exactly a stand-out film that’ll be generating endless hordes of franchised follow-up.

Frankly … ?

Tooth And Nail is watchable: once.

But too bland to be watchable, twice.

Tooth And Nail

*        Frankly … ?   I’d’ve like to have rented Kathryn Bigelow’s Strange Days: except, unfortunately, it’s not on the iTunes Store†.   I’ve given some thought to signing up for a Netflix account, as they seem to have a DVD version available, and the service is on my Apple TV.   But that means handing out my credit card details to another service: and keeping cash in my account when I’d rather spending it on food, drinking and bills, before I spend it on entertainment.

†        Fortunately, an old friend has offered to let me borrow their copy.   I’m truly grateful!   But also a touch disappointed that Apple didn’t have a copy when it seems to be on both Amazon and Netflix.

‡        Vinnie Jones’ overacting is … well, ham shaped … 

^        Inception and Area 51 spring to mind, here.   As does the phrase ‘Avoid them like the plague’.

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