Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Daily Teaser — 23-10-2014: Uncivil Affairs

Right … 

That’s THAT done … !

You’ve possibly noticed I try and do stuff to keep myself occupied, don’t you … ?

The project for the past couple of days?

Has been to do stuff with the family laptop.

I’ve FINALLY managed to get some back up software installed — the free version of CrashPlan, which I’m told is relatively easy to use, for end-users — and I’m now looking at transferring my Mum and my older sister, Anna’s, stuff over to the external drive.

Once THAT’S done … ?   Well, once that’s done, we get done to the fun stuff, syncing up iPods, iPads and iPhones.

A big brother’s job is neither done … !

Yesterday’s Teaser saw Debbi* putting in her answers, anonymously: and scoring nine out of nine.

As she’s off for a few days let’s see how you do with today’s rather uncivil questions, shall we?

Here they are, along with the How To, License and video … 

Q1) 23rd October, 1642, saw the first pitched battle of the English Civil War: the Battle of Edge Hill, in other words.   In which English county is Edge Hill?
Q2) The Civil Wars of the period were fought between the Parliamentarians: and the Royalists.   Which English King did the Royalists support?
Q3) That king was king of England, Scotland … and where else?
Q4) What did the Parliamentarians called the Royalists?
Q5) Likewise, what did the Royalists call the Parliamentarians: Squareheads, Flatheads or Roundheads?
Q6) The Parliamentarian’s leader — Oliver Cromwell — went on to rule England, Ireland and Scotland.   What were the three countries called, whilst he ruled?
Q7) As ruler, Cromwell was known as the Lord … what?
Q8) What did the Royalists call this period: the Interval, Interregnum or Interim?
Q9) Cromwell’s forces were known as the New Model … what?
Q10) Finally … In which year of the 1660s did Charles 2nd return to — and start ruling — England?
Here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) 22nd October is — very unofficially — Wombat Day.   Wombats are native to where: Australia, New Zealand or Antarctica?
A1) Australia.
Q2) Wombats are marsupials: are marsupials mammals, lizards or amphibians?
A2) Mammals.
Q3) How many species of wombat are there: two, three or four?
A3) Three.
Q4) Name one of those species.
Q5) The word, wombat, comes from the language of the Darug Aborigine people.   The Darug were native to the area around where: Brisbane, Canberra or Sydney?
A5) Sydney.
Q6) Wombats are protected in all the states of their native country: except one.   Which one?
A6) Victoria.
Q7) There’s a small town called Wombat: in New South … where … ?
Q8) Baby wombats are known as what?
A8) Joeys.
Q9) In the children’s book, Wombat Stew, a wombat is captured.  By an evil what: bandicoot, dingo or crocodile?
A9) Dingo.
Q10) Fatso the Fat Arsed Wombat was the (unofficial) mascot of which Olympic Games?
I’ll leave you with this number by The Clash … 

And this thought …
“The State, in choosing men to serve it, takes no notice of their opinions.”

Oliver Cromwell.
Have a good day … 

*        Tish, Tish, Debbi!   That’s one of the Rules!


Mr Strict said...

1. Warwickshire.
2. Charles I of England.
3. Ireland.
4. Cavaliers.
5. Roundheads.
6. The Protectorate.
7. Lord Protector.
8. Interregnum
9. New Model Army

Kaiju said...

1. Warwickshire
2. King Charles
3. Ireland
4. Cavaliers
5. Roundheads
6. "Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland" aka the Protectorate
7. Lord Protector
8. Interim
9. New Model Army
10. 1660