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The Friday Question Set — 10-10-2014

You know, it has to be said, I feel vaguely tired … 

No, really.

I might just have me  quick snooze, at some point.

On the OTHER hand … ?

On the other hand, I might just save that for later.

I may have little to do, bar clean my flat: but I do like to do a few things …

At any rate, my snoozing or not is rather irrelevant, isn’t it … ?

After all, it’s Friday: which mean’s it’s time for … the Friday Question Set … !

Here’s this week’s questions: covered by the usual Creative Commons License* …

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Q1) What is a John Dory: a fish, a boat or a hat?
A1) A fish.

Q2) According to Wolfram Alpha, which year saw the first recorded use of the word, router: 1818, 1868 or 1918?
Q2) 1818.

Q3) Christmas Day, Thor Hyderdahl and barcodes have all been marked, online, with a what?
A3) Google-doodle: the arty version of the Google logo the company uses to mark events or people.

Q4) Dipsophobia is an unreasoning fear of what?
A4) Drinking.

Q5) Agar-agar is a type of gelatine made from what: seaweed, algæ or lichen?
A5) Seaweed.

Q6) What do you add to rum, to make grog?
A6) Water.

Q7) A capo raises the pitch of the strings of which musical instrument?
A7) A guitar.

Q8) How many milligrams in a gram?
A8) 1000

Q9) Astrologically speaking, two of the three fire signs are LEO and ARIES.   What’s is the third?
A9) Sagittarius.

Q10) On board ship, where would you find the Scuppers?
A10) On deck.   They’re the holes that allow water to run off.


Q11) Which catchphrase of tv chef Jamie Oliver’s comes from a Sanskit word, meaning simply — and rather ironically — ‘…cooked’?
A11) Pukka.

Q12) With the aid of a civet’s digestive tract, Kopi Luwak sells for anything between 120 and 600 US dollars per pound making it the most expensive what in the world?
A12) Coffee.

Q13) What six letter name is given to the substance used as a setting agent in many jams and marmalades?
A13) Pectin.

Q14) What type of food advertising was banned on January first, 2008?
A14) Junk food ads.

Q15) What sort of meat is used in the Greek dish Kleftiko?
A15) Lamb.

Q16) From which continent does Couscous originate?
A16) Africa.

Q17) What distinguishes Gruyere cheese from most other cheeses: holes, a wax coating, or blue veins?
A17) Holes.

Q18) What general name is given to Indian food cooked in a clay oven?
A18) Tandoori.

Q19) What was the very first cargo to be regularly transported by train in Germany?
A19) Beer.

Q20) Pork from which European country was withdrawn in 2008?
A20) The Republic of Ireland.


Q21) Of which people was Atahualpa the last leader; – the Inca, Aztec, or Toltec?
A21) The Incas.

Q22) Which battle of 1805 is sometimes referred to as The Battle of the Three Emperors: the Battle of Austerlitz, the Battle of Bunker Hill or the Battle of Waterloo?
A22) Battle of Austerlitz.

Q23) Henry 8th got married in the Chapel Of The Observance Friars on June 11, 1509: to which of his wives?
A23) Catherine of Aragon

Q24) The Rye House Plot was a plot to kill which British monarch?
A24) Charles II.

Q25) Which delivery service operated in the USA from April 1860 to November 1861?
A25) The Pony Express.

Q26) Who is the oldest British Monarch to have ascended to the throne?
A26) William IV aged 64.

Q27) Who, according to the opening lines of the book of the same name, was born in York in 1632?
A27) Robinson Crusoe.   (Written by Daniel Dafoe.)

Q28) Who was the leader of France’s Vichy government during WWII?
A28) Marshal Henri Petain.

Q29) What name was given to the process of killing every tenth man in a mutinous Roman Legion?
A29) Decimation.

Q30) Which famous mutiny took place in 1789?
A30) The Mutiny on the Bounty.


Q31) What part of your body would a trichologist be concerned with?
A31) Hair.

Q32) Which organ produces bile: the kidney, liver or stomach?
A32) The liver. (stored in the gallbladder).

Q33) What is the official unit used to measure the depth of water?
A33) The metre.   (Not Fathom, as I am sure many would suggest: the fathom is the old imperial measurement).

Q34) Deep Thought was an IBM-produced chess computer, named after the super computer in which famous work of fiction?
A34) The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Q35) What was the name of Yuri Gagarin’s space capsule: Soyuz 1, MIR, Sputnik 2 or Vostok 1?
A35) Vostock I.

Q36) What, in 1781, became the first new planet to be discovered since ancient times?
A36) Uranus.

Q37) ENIAC was the worlds first digital what: digital TV set, digital computer or digital radio?
A37) Digital computer.    (It stood for Electronic Numerical Integrator And Calculator.)

Q38) In biology which word means ‘living together’: symbiosis, parasitic or bipedal?
A38) Symbiosis.

Q39) Titan is the largest moon of which planet: Mars, Jupiter or Saturn?
A39) Saturn.

Q40) Which radioactive metal was discovered at Berkeley University in California in 1940: Uranium, Plutonium or Radium?
A40) Plutonium.


Q41) How many clubs made up the English Football League, when it was first formed?
A41) 12.

Q42) Excluding children’s books, how many discworld novels has Terry Pratchett written?
A42) 31.

Q43) Moving anticlockwise on a dartboard, what number is next to 11?
A43) 8.

Q44) How many days in two non–leap years?
A44) 730.

Q45) What’s the approximate distance from London to Paris, in miles?
A45) 200.

Q46) How many balls are used in a game of pool?
A46) 16.  (15 object balls, plus the cue ball.)

Q47) How many members are there in a water polo team?
A47) 7.

Q48) If a team at bridge wins a grand slam, how many tricks have they won?
A48) 13 tricks.

Q49) What are the odds of rolling a double 1, on two six sided dice; 1 in 36, 1 in 18 or 1 in 9?
A49) 1 in 36.   (Equal to 35 to one)

Q50) In pre-decimal money how many farthings were in a penny?
A50) Four


Q51) No, No, No was the debut single for which American girl band?
A51) Destiny’s Child.

Q52) Jack Ryan invented which doll?
A52) The Barbie Doll.

Q53) The Angel, in Venezuela, is the world’s highest what: water fall, cliff face or inland sea?
A53) Waterfall.

Q54) The Cavy is better known as which rodent?
A54) The Guinea Pig.

Q55) What was the first decimal coin to be released in the UK?
A55) The 50p piece.

Q56) Harriet Quimby was the first woman to fly over what?
A56) The English Channel.

Q57) Mother Theresa was noted for her work with the poor of which country?
A57) India.

Q58) What would a mural be painted on?
A58) A wall.

Q59) What’s Britain’s largest species of predatory fish?
A59) The pike.

Q60) A sudden rush of snow down the side of a mountain is known as what?
A60) An avalanche.

Enjoy those …

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Q7 Capos are used on banjos and mandolins too.
Q52 Ruth Handler was the inventor of the Barbie doll. Jack Ryan was an engineer involved in creating the doll.