Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Rollason Way: Congestion and Emergencies

You know, it’s been a while since I’ve written purely  about stuff other than films, or Dr Who.

Or posted up things other than the various Daily and Weekly Teasers.

Hopefully … ?

Hopefully, you’re enjoying those, by the way.
Either way?

Either way, a change of occasional pace — and a recognition that I live in a small, but growing, town — is nice.

As a the occasional reference to things OTHER than what’s on TV: or at the movies.

But, as I’m sure you’re aware … ?

As I’m sure you’re aware, I live in Brentwood: in Essex.

A small town best known for being one of the places where the Peasant’s Revolt started, way back when.

And where hit TV show, The Only Way Is Essex is filmed.

God help us!

At ANY rate … ?

You’ll possibly also be aware that I live on a road called Rollason Way: a road and estate that’s only been completed within the past few years.

An estate, in case you didn’t know, that’s a mixture of both privately owned and socially housed residents.
And an estate that’s always had its issues with parking.

The amount of over-parking in the area … ?

Has always been of some concern to me.

I’ve always personally felt the sheer number of parked cars on my street — some residents who can’t get into the limited carparks, some commuters who can’t get or afford spaces elsewhere — would block emergency vehicle access.

Indeed, that’s something an un-named spokesman told me was an issue, some five years ago: back when Rollason Way was a lot less crowded.

Since then … ?

Since then, there’s been ups and downs.

One up side, at the moment … ?

From what I’ve understood, the various bodies responsible for the estate — a mixture of management companies and the social landlords responsible for the social housing in the area — have decided that, until Rollason Way is formally adopted by Essex County Council’s highway’s people, they are going to control the cars parked on the road: by putting in double yellow lines, and having the company that manages the estate’s residential car-parks issue parking ticket.

I could been wrong about how that works: but believe I’ve got the gist of it correct.

Indeed, the first picture in this post?   Shows the letter issued to cars on the street: showing that the work is due to start, today.


Hopefully, more cars will have been moved from the road at the other end of the street: as they’d not started, this morning.

There were, still, too many cars parked there … 


Hopefully, though … ?

Hopefully, though, as soon as those cars ARE moved … ?

It means we can get yellow lines down: and free up the road, to allow better access for people that live here.

That, however, is not the only thing that worries me.

As you may ALSO have realised, I’ve — for many years — strongly opposed any more building in the immediate area: feeling this would add to the congestion, and make emergency vehicle access even worse.

I’ve even spoken out against further building: at one or two meetings of Brentwood Council’s Planning Committee.

Much good THAT did.

Plans to build more … well, flats, shops, what have you, the plans have been modified over the years … 

At any rate, plane to put more buildings up have gone through a good few times.

Today, and yesterday, when I’ve gone past?

I’ve noticed workmen in the patch of ground that developers want to build on: next to Brunel House.

The photos I’ve taken of them, are also included with this post.

Quite what they’re doing?

I don’t know.   From what I could see — they were some distance away — the workmen were apparently into the ground.

Now, they could either be drilling down to get to a septic tank that’s in the area: and always needed draining, every-so-often.

OR … ?

Or they starting some installing new drains for any new buildings due to be put there.

I don’t know.


I’m worried we’re going to get a new building: AND the associated mess.

What to do about it … ?

Lord alone knows.


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