Friday, 13 March 2015

The Friday Question Set — 13-3-2015

Right … 

I’ve got to admit to feeling slightly rushed, at the moment.

Frankly, I want to try and get a couple of slideshows done: for my regular Daily Teasers*.

And need to prepare for an early — unreasonably early — staff meeting at work.

That … and cook dinner.

And quietly try to sit down with A Slip Of The Keyboard, the collected essays of Terry Pratchett.

I want to mark the man’s death, SOMEHOW … 


But my troubles aren’t why you’re here, now are they?


You’re here because it’s Friday.

AND time for the Friday Question Set … !

Here’s this week’s: covered, as ever, by the Creative Commons License† … 

Online 288

Q1) Durban is in which African nation?

Q2) What did the UK’s post offices start selling, in 1904?
Q2) Books of stamps.

Q3) Tony Blair was in which country of the UK, when the 7/7 attacks took place?
A3) Scotland.   (At the G8 conference, in Gleneagles)

Q4) East Pakistan is now known as which country?

Q5) Packham’s Triumph and Conference are types of what?
A5) Pears.

Q6) Chemin de Fer is what: a board game, card game or video game?
A6) Originally, a card game.

Q7) What’s the name of Sharon and Ozzy’s eldest daughter?
A7) Jessica.   (Jessica is his eldest daughter: her mother, Thelma, was Ozzy’s first wife.)

Q8) In heraldry, what colour is Gules?
A8) Red.

Q9) The Dunmow Flitch is awarded to the UK’s happiest Newlyweds.   A Flitch is a side of what?

Q10) Which modern brass instrument was developed from the sackbut: the trombone, the trumpet or the saxophone?
A10) The trombone.


Q11) Which part of the eye contains light-sensitive cells?
A11) The retina.

Q12) Which part of the eye gives the eye its colour?
A12) The iris.

Q13) Which composer wrote much of his finest music when he was deaf?
A13) Ludwig van Beethoven.

Q14) Which sense does the Venus Flytrap use to capture its prey?
A14) Touch.

Q15) And which part of the eye gets smaller when the lights go on?
A15) Pupil.

Q16) Are the semi-circular canals in the eye, the nose, or the ear?
A16) The ear.

Q17) Olfactory nerves are responsible for which of the senses?
A17) Smell.

Q18) How many basic tastes can the human tongue distinguish?
A18) Four.

Q19) Anosmia is the medical term for not being able to do what: see, hear or smell?
A19) Smell.

Q20) Which nerve carries information from the eye to the brain?
A20) The optic nerve.


Q21) Which boy band had a 2003 No 1 with Mandy?
A21) Westlife.

Q22) What musical instrument was patented by Anthony Faas of Philadelphia in 1854: the accordion, the saxophone or the Moog organ?
A22) The accordion.

Q23) The Supremes were the USA’s most successful vocal group.   How many Number Ones did they have: eleven, twelve or thirteen?
A23) Twelve.   (They tied with Madonna.)

Q24) Gamelan music is from where: Indonesia, Africa or South America?
A24) Indonesia.

Q25) Which Beatles song was the first to be seen and heard around the world on satellite TV?
A25) All You Need Is Love.

Q26) What was the Spice Girls’ debut single?
A26) Wannabe.

Q27) Which guitarist has the nicknames God and Slowhand?
A27) Eric Clapton.

Q28) Rapper DMX’s real name is Earl …what?
A28) Simmons.

Q29) Which bird gave Fleetwood Mac a No 1 instrumental?
A29) Albatross.

Q30) Which very French dance comes from Orpheus in the Underworld?
A30) The Can-can.


Q31) Who was the first female competitor excused a sex test at the 1976 Olympics?
A31) Princess Anne.

Q32) Wayne Rooney currently places for who?
A32) Manchester United.

Q33) What was the first Grand Slam title won by Kim Clijsters?
A33) The US Open.

Q34) Ian Botham first played cricket for which county?
A34) Somerset

Q35) In which city did football legend George Best die?
A35) London.

Q36) Gabriela Sabatini comes from which country?
A36) Argentina.

Q37) The Vince Lombardi Trophy is awarded in which sport?
A37) American Football.

Q38) Eric Cantona joined Manchester United from which club?
A38) Leeds.

Q39) In which Spanish city were the 1992 Olympics held?
A39) Barcelona.

Q40) How many attempts at the target do you get per game of Curling?
A40) Two.


Q41) French, runner, or broad.   What kind of vegetable are we talking about?
A41) Beans.

Q42) Hybrid tea, Floribunda and American Beauty are all types of which flower?
A42) Rose.

Q43) Coxs Orange Pippin, Bramley, & Granny Smith, are types of what fruit?
A43) Apples.

Q44) If you grew a box, in your garden, what have you just grown?
A44) A hedge.

Q45) Which heap provides fertiliser, for the garden?
A45) The compost heap.

Q46) What are tulip’s grown from; – bulbs or seeds?
A46) Bulbs.

Q47) Culinary herbs are usually grown for what?
A47) Cooking/eating.

Q48) What do you do with secateurs?
A48) Cut things.

Q49) What piece of garden equipment can be rotary, or hover?
A49) The lawn mower.

Q50) What is a plant’s foliage?
A50) Its leaves.


Q51) Who is the longest serving member of the Privy Council? 
A51) The Duke of Edinburgh: he was appointed in 1951.

Q52) Who had a 1984 hit with Punch and Judy: Marillion, Iron Maiden or Frankie Goes To Hollywood?
A52) Marillion.

Q53) What is the collective name for the 9 handmaidens of Odin?
A53) Valkyries.

Q54) Which North African seaport is — strictly — a white house?
A54) Casablanca.   (The name translate’s from Spanish, as White House.)

Q55) Which is the only vowel on a standard keyboard that is not on the top line of letters?
A55) A.

Q56) What’s the worlds most popular non-alcoholic drink?
A56) Coffee.

Q57) Which castle is on the island of Anglesey?
A57) Beaumaris.

Q58) In the USA, what film is celebrated on the 2nd of February?

Q59) Westminster Abbey is dedicated to which saint?
A59) Saint Peter.   (It’s formally called the Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster.)

Q60) Holger George Thuesen and Gerald A. Hale are credited with inventing the first working what?

I hope those help … 

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