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The Friday Question Set — 27-3-2015

You know, I’ve got to admit: I’m back working.

Or AT work, I should say.

Obviously, not right at the moment, it HAS to be said … !

At ANY rate, I’ve seen my hours for next week.   And I have to say, it looks like I’ve got a LOT of free time on my hands!

Can you do me a favour?

Remind me to go into Café Nero on Sunday: they’re having some sort of recruitment day!


But, at any rate, it’s a Friday.

Which is why you’re here.

It’s a Friday.

And that mean’s it’s time for the Friday Question Set … !

Here’s this week’s set: covered, as ever, by the Creative Commons License* … 

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Q1) What does a circle with a cross through it mean on a clothing label? 

Q2) Alistair Cooke became famous for broadcasting his Letter from…” where?
Q2) America.

Q3) Levi’s Jeans did and do feature rivets: made from which metal … ?
A3) Copper..

Q4) Which iconic 30s movie star was nicknamed ‘The Blonde Bombshell’?

Q5) What phrase describes Rubik’s Cube: two dimensional, three dimensional or four dimensional?

Q6) What stewed item goes into a compote?

Q7) During the 1960s, which member of the Kennedy family was involved with the Chappaquidick incident?

Q8) What paper went out of circulation after the 2011 phone-hacking scandal?

Q9) Before becoming a TV presenter, Anthea Turner worked for which motoring organisation?
A9) The AA.

Q10) Dermatology is the study of human … what?
A10) Skin.


Q11) Paul Newman died in 2008: for which film did he win his only Oscar?
A11) The Colour of Money.

Q12) Which Disney cartoon was re-issued in 1987, on its 50th anniversary?
A12) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Q13) Who played Jessica Lange’s husband, in the remake of Cape Fear?
A13) Nick Nolte.

Q14) In which film did Humphrey Bogart play Rick Blane?
A14) Casablanca.

Q15) Which musical was derived from George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion?
A15) My Fair Lady.

Q16) Name either of the characters to be the most filmed.
A16) Dracula and Sherlock Holmes. (Third place is Napoleon).

Q17) Humphrey Bogart won his only Oscar for Best Actor: for which film?
A17) The African Queen.

Q18) Who starred as The Sundance Kid in Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid”?
A18) Robert Redford.

Q19) Who stars as K-PAX, in the film K-PAX?
A19) Kevin Spacey.

Q20) Cavatina was the theme tune of which Vietnam movie?
A20) The Deer Hunter.


Q21) In TV’s Get Smart what was Maxwell Smart’s Number?
A21) Agent 86.

Q22) Who did all his detecting sitting down?
A22) Robert Ironside.

Q23) In 1988, who played Inspector Abberline in ITV’s Jack The Ripper?
A23) Michael Caine.

Q24) Orson Welles provided the voice of Robin Masters, a wealthy estate owner who was heard but never seen. In which US TV series was it?
A24) Magnum PI.

Q25) Which character did Larry Hagman play in Dallas?
A25) J. R. Ewing.

Q26) The bionic woman had  four bionic body parts: name any of them.
A26) Both Legs, her right arm and an ear.

Q27) What kind of car did Charlie Hungerford drive in Bergerac”?
A27) A white Rolls Royce.

Q28) What were the names of Samantha’s daughter in the TV series Bewitched”?
A28) Tabitha.

Q29) Which breakfast cereal was advertised on TV as “knitted by Nanas”?
A29) Shreddies.

Q30) In which year did the BBC first show Neighbours?
A30) 1986.


Q31) What part of your body would a trichologist be concerned with?
A31) Hair

Q32) For most vertebrates, which organ produces Bile?
A32) The liver (stored in the gallbladder).

Q33) What is the official unit used for measuring the depth of water?
A33) The metre.   (Not Fathom, as I am sure many would suggest: the fathom is the old imperial measurement).

Q34) Deep Thought was an IBM-produced chess computer, named after the super computer in which famous work of fiction?
A34) The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.”

Q35) What was the name of Yuri Gagarin's space capsule: Soyuz II, MIR, Sputnik II or Vostok I?
A35) Vostock I.

Q36) What, in 1781, became the first new planet to be discovered since the ancient times?
A36) Uranus.

Q37) ENIAC was the worlds first what?
A37) Digital computer.    (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Calculator.)

Q38) In biology which word means ‘living together’: symbiosis, parasitic or bipedal?
A38) Symbiosis.

Q39) Titan is the largest moon of which planet: Jupiter or Saturn?
A39) Saturn.

Q40) Which radioactive metal was discovered at Berkeley University in California in 1940 and named after one of the nine planets?
A40) Plutonium.


Q41) How many clubs made up the English Football League, when it was 1st formed?
A41) 12.

Q42) Excluding children’s books, how many discworld novels has Terry Pratchett written?
A42) 31.

Q43) Moving anticlockwise on a dartboard, what number is next to 11?
A43) 8.

Q44) How many days in two non–leap years?
A44) 730.

Q45) What’s the approximate distance from London to Paris, in miles?
A45) 200.

Q46) How many balls are used in a game of pool?
A46) 16.  (15 object balls, plus the cue ball.)

Q47) How many members are there in a water polo team?
A47) 7.

Q48) If a team at bridge wins a grand slam, how many tricks have they won?
A48) 13 tricks.

Q49) What are the odds of rolling a double 1, on two six sided dice; 1 in 36, 1 in 18 or 1 in 9?
A49) 1 in 36.   (Equal to 35 to one)

Q50) In pre-decimal money how many farthings were in a penny?
A50) Four.


Q51) The first electric Traffic lights appeared in 1912: in which US city?
A51) Cleveland, Ohio.

Q52) Bibendum is the cartoon figure best known for advertising what make of tyres?
A52) Michelin: he’s the Michelin Man.

Q53) The Angel, in Venezuela, is the world’s highest what?
A53) Waterfall.

Q54) The Cavy is better known as which rodent?
A54) The Guinea Pig.

Q55) What was the first decimal coin to be released in the UK?
A55) The 50p piece.

Q56) Harriet Quimby was the 1st woman to fly over what?
A56) The English Channel.

Q57) Mother Teresa was noted for her work with the poor of which country?
A57) India.

Q58) What would a mural be painted on?
A58) A wall.

Q59) What’s Britain’s largest species of predatory fish?
A59) The pike.

Q60) A sudden rush of snow down the side of a mountain is known as what?
A60) An avalanche.

I hope those help … !

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