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The Friday Question Set — 28-8-2015

Right, sorry about this … 

But I’ve bee rather … um … lax, haven’t I … ?

And only now realised I’ve missed the past couple of weeks worth of Friday Question Sets … !


With that said … ?

I think it’s time I remedied that, isn’t it … ?

Here’s this week’s Friday Question set: covered by the usual Creative Commons License* … 

Online 311
Q1) If April Fools Day is a Tuesday, on what day is Saint Georges Day
A1) Wednesday.

Q2) In The Man From UNCLE, what does the E stand for?

Q3) Hawk’s Champagne and Prince Albert are types of what fruit?
A3) Rhubarb.

Q4) A pier table is built to between two what: windows, chairs or doors?
A4) Windows.

Q5) A red Gran Torino — with a white stripe — is used in the TV and film version of which series?

Q6) Which PM held office first: Eden or MacMillen?

Q7) Sharon Davies, Ellie Simmonds and Adam Peaty do which sport?
A7) Swimming.

Q8) Who wrote Animal Farm?
A8) George Orwell.   (The book.   The book: NOT THE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!)

Q9) In the Bible, which book immediately follows the Acts of the Apostles?
A9) Romans.

Q10) What do Americans call braces?
A10) Suspenders.


Q11) Which English King lost the Crown Jewels in the Wash?
A11) King John.

Q12) What was the first country to put a man made object on the Moon, deliberately, or otherwise?
A12) The USSR. (The Lunik 2 crashed there in 1959.)

Q13) Who were the Jacobins: the followers of James 2nd or French revolutionaries?
A13) French Revolutionaries. (James 2nd’s follower’s were Jacobites!)

Q14) Which hero of the Wild West was shot, whilst playing poker?
A14) Wild Bill Hickok.

Q15) Joseph Smith founded which odd, American church?
A15) Mormonism. (Accept Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.)

Q16) In which year of the 1980s was the Space Shuttle first launched?
A16) 1981.

Q17) In which South American country are the remains of the Inca: Peru or Brazil?
A17) Peru.

Q18) During the 1960s, Leonard Pearson was PM of which Commonwealth country?
A18) Canada.

Q19) Which famous American said, “I have a dream”?
A19) Doctor Martin Luther King.

Q20) Which detective writer caused a sensation by disappearing, for a few weeks, in 1926?
A20) Agatha Christie.


Q21) Which future Doctor Who appeared in Our Friends in the North?
A21) Christopher Ecclestone.

Q22) Who is Steve & Tracey’s daughter, in Coronation Street?
A22) Amy.

Q23) What’s the first name of Hugh Laurie’s character, in House?
A23) Gregory. (Accept Greg.)

Q24) Tyrion Lannister, Margaery Tyrell and Arya Stark are characters in which TV series?

Q25) Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, were the two main characters in which US series?

Q26) Natascha Kaplinsky, Alesha Dixon and Caroline Flack have all been winners: on which BBC series?

Q27) In M*A*S*H, what does MASH stand for?
A27) Mobile Army Surgical Hospital.

Q28) Which panel game regularly features Merton v Hislop?
A28) Have I Got News For You.

Q29) What was Mr Ed: a talking dog, a talking horse or a talking cat?
A29) A talking horse.

Q30) Roobarb & Custard were a dog and cat, respectively;– name either’s colour. (Two point’s for both.)
A30) Roobarb was green, Custard was pink.


Q31) Who wrote Frankenstein: Percy Shelley, or his wife, Mary? 
A31) Mary Shelley.

Q32) Who wrote the Foundation series of sci–fi novels?
A32) Isaac Asimov.

Q33) Dorothy Sayers created which fictional detective?
A33) Lord Peter Wimsey.

Q34) Who wrote Agnes Grey: Emily Brontë, Anne Brontë or Jane Brontë?
A34) Anne.

Q35) Portia is in which of Shakespeare’s plays?
A35) The Merchant of Venice.

Q36) The Charles Dickens character, John Dawkins, is better known how?
A36) The Artful Dodger.

Q37) Which famous horse was created by Anna Sewell?
A37) Black Beauty.

Q38) Which English king compiled the Domesday Book?
A38) William the Conqueror.

Q39) Winston Smith is the main character in which George Orwell novel?
A39) 1984.

Q40) In the Bible, what’s the 1st Commandment?
A40) Thou shall have No Other God Before Me.


Q41) Au is the chemical symbol for which metal?
A41) Gold.

Q42) Which organ is affected by Cirrhosis?
A42) The Liver.

Q43) How much doe a litre of water weigh?
A43) 1 kilogram.

Q44) In which year of the 1860s were traffic lights introduced in London?
A44) 1868.

Q45) Which European city was home to the world’s first contraceptive clinic?
A45) Amsterdam. (In 1881).

Q46) How many moons does Saturn have: 5, 15, 18 or 25?
A46) 18.

Q47) The Greenwich Meridian is how many degrees away from the International Date Line: 90, 180 or 270?
A47) 180°.

Q48) What Comet is thought to be the star of Bethlehem, that foretold the birth of Jesus?
A48) Halley’s Comet.

Q49) What name is given to the study of the behaviour  of light: optics, optical physics or ophthalmology?
A49) Optics.

Q50) Ombrophobia is a fear of what: rain, umbrellas or Mexicans?
A50) Rain.


Q51) The city of Calgary is in who h North American nation?
A51) Canada.

Q52) Gordon Jackson played Cowley.   Lewis Collins played Bodie.   Martin Shaw played Doyle.   What’s the TV show?

Q53) Milk & Alcohol was the only hit for which Canvey based band?
A53) Dr Feelgood.   (Although I personally prefer an earlier tune of theirs: .   And yes: original guitarist, Wilko Johnson ALSO played Sir Ilym Payne, in Game Of Thrones.   You can tell by the way he moves … )

Q54) What word can go after “sign” & before “office”?
A54) Post.

Q55) Which George wrote Pygmalion?

Q56) How would 71 be shown in Roman numerals?
A56) lxxi.

Q57) 2015 saw Microsoft release its new web browser.   What’s it called?
A57) Microsoft Edge.

Q58) In which month is Saint George’s Day?
A58) April.

Q59) Which bird gave Fleetwood Mac their first Number 1?
A59) Albatross.

Q60) What’s the only English anagram of the word CAUTION?

Enjoy those: I hope they help … !

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