Thursday, 30 March 2017

Society — Cult Shunting … !

30th March, 2017.

It has to be said, I usually — usually — work a six day week.

Usually with two nights off: one of which I spend with my family.

So, usually?

I don’t get as much time as I’d like to see the TV shows or films I’d like to see.

I’ve still not managed to see Rogue One, yet, to give you an example: something I’ll have to remedy, at some point.

This week, though?

This week, though?

This week, I’ve worked five days.   Granted, that means I’ll have less money coming in, next pay-day.


But, on the upside, it means I’ve had an extra night to catch up with the backlog of media demanding my attention.

The last two episodes of Stranger Things, last night.

And, as I’ve had an 80s thing happening, just recently?

An 1980s horror tonight.


Society … 


Set in Beverly Hills, Society sees Will Whitney — Billy Warlock — an ordinary teen having fun and games with his friends …

But also attending psychiatrist sessions with Dr Cleveland — Ben Slack — as he’s convinced he’s either going mad … or seriously odd.

It’s not long before he becomes convinced it’s the latter.

As he’s handed a tape of the posting debs ball held for his sister: a ball that sounds decidedly odd.

It’s only as Billy’s mental health gets worse?   That he realises his family are planning another party.

One that’s going to see him in a central role!


Now … 

Was I overwhelmed by Society?

Not completely: this is, after all, Yuzna’s directorial debut.   The acting and writing are watchable, rather than stunning.

Watchable, none the less.

The creature effects from Screaming Mad George more than make up for that, though: lovingly gruesome, and covered in enough KY Jelly to make you wonder what George has been smoking.

On the whole?

While Society isn’t perfect?

It does make for a perfectly good evening’s watching: especially if, like me, you like the occasional cult film.

Especially when you find out the guys that made the eyeballs … get a mention in the credits!


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