Saturday, 6 April 2013

Dr Who: Series 7 Part 2 — Episode 7 The Rings Of Akhaten

 Hmmm … 

It has to be said, I’m having a gentle case of mixed feelings, tonight: I really am … 

Mild disappointment … 

Along with a quiet sense of impressedness: that’s assuming you and I both understand what I mean by impressedness, I know it’s giving my spell-checker a case of the dottéd red lines.

At least, I hope you know what I mean, anyway.
At The Door

 At any rate — and as you’ve possibly guessed from the title — I’ve just finished watching tonight’s episode of Dr Who.

Hence the mixed feelings.

I’m thinking it’s a fantastically crafted episode.

And possibly one’s that’s hit a formula … 

I’ll go Hmmm, again, and see if I can’t tell you what I mean.

The Doctor and the God

The Rings Of Akhaten sees the Doctor challenging Clara to think of somewhere she can be taken.

With Clara simply telling him to take her ‘somewhere awesome’.

Ending up the Rings of Akhaten of the episode’s title: a series of rings — some of which are inhabited — around a star.   And one that shares an orbit with an asteroid based pyramid housing a being the locals believe is a mummified god: one that has to be appease by having things offered to it, once every few years.

And one that needs to be constantly be song to, to guarantee it never awakens.

You can practically see the plot-line waiting to happen, can’t you … ?


At ANY rate … ?   At any rate, is a great little episode: and a nicely written one, from Dr Who newcomer, Neil Cross.

Where I think I’m a touch disappointed, is in the simple fact that — as good as the episode is, and as muych as it contributes to the ongoing development of Clara Oswald — I personally found it to be a touch formulaic.

OK, granted, it fits nicely with the series under Russell T. Davies: which is what makes it something of a backwards step, for me.

It hasn’t — yet — contributed to anything to the as yet unanswered questions that the Moffat years have contributed to the show.

THAT’S where I’m disappointed.

Hmmm … 

Let’s see what happens next week, shall we … ?

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