Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Small Town Murder Songs — Blood, Guts and Hillbilly Noir … 

9th April, 2013.

OK … 

I’m going to be frank, here.

Or possibly Dave.

Sorry, BAD gag, there … !

But at the very least, I’m going to be honest enough to tell you I’ve rented a film from iTunes, tonight.

The 2010, Ed Gass-Donnelly directed, Small Town Murder Songs.

And … ?   As tired As I am, after a marathon session of Teaser slideshow assembly, and the consequent late night … ?

I thought that making a start — at the very least — on the write up for it would be doing the film a courtesy.

Or, at least, let my regular readers know I’ve found something interesting.

Back in the morning … !


10th April, 2013.

OK, I’m back, and it’s actually in the afternoon: busy day, for me.

Ish … 

At any rate, I’ve been doing a few things: not least, finishing the May Teasers done for the Brentwood Gazette.   All that needs doing, there, is the final formatting, and I’m laughing.

Well … In theory, anyway … !

At ANY rate … ?   At any rate, I meant to tell you about the film I managed to rent from the iTunes, store, last night: the 2010, Ed Gass-Donnelly directed, Small Town Murder Songs.

And … ?   It has to be said, for a film that’s only seventy-six minutes long, it’s one that seems to punch above its length, and takes things at a pace I’d expect to see if something far longer, AND older.

Small Town Murder Songs sees Peter Stormare as Walter, a middle aged Ontario local police-man: who’s, in his none-to-recent past, been noted for bit a bit of a brawler.

Something that — even after being baptised into his local Mennonite* church — stills sees him treated disdainfully by his friends and family.

Trouble comes, when the body of a young women is found, not far outside town.   Which earns Walter and his small team of locals help from a bigger, outside force.

And leads him to become involved with Rita (Jill Hennessy): his former lover, who seems to be lying about her new boyfriend’s whereabouts …


Now … ?

Was this a good film … ?

Yeeees … 

I think I’d say it is.

Gass-Donnelly and company have put together a competently done film: one that’s slow pace gives us time to appreciate its characters and plot, without actually overburdening us with a film that’s too long.

One or two film makers could possibly learn from that.

One stand-out point I should mention, here … ?

Is the soundtrack.

I think Small Town Murder Songs has a superb soundtrack, put together by a chap called Bruce Peninsular.   Who I’ve never heard of, and who’s come up with something I can only call Hillbilly Gospel: it’s something that makes the film a revelation to watch.

Here … 

Let me leave with this … 

Small Town Murder Songs

*        If I’ve understood things correctly, the various Mennonite churches are one of the more austere Christian churches: and are related — distantly — to the Amish.

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