Saturday, 21 June 2014

Parking Permits In Rollason Way.

You know, Rollason Way — the street where I live — is sort of nice.

Kind of.

Sort of kind of.

OK, it s not perfect.

But, generally … ?

It’s not bad: and certainly better than some places where I’ve lived.

However, as I and many other’s will tell you, the parking is both ridiculous: and has been since the first residents moved in.


There’s been moves that have helped, though.

There’s a a Parking Permit scheme for the car-parks: resident’s get a Resident permit, and a visitors permit for them.

That still famously left us with with LOT’S of parked cars on the roads.

As the roads are still — technically — owned by the developers, Crest Nicholson, Essex County Council cannot do anything.

So various people have managed to persuade Crest Nicholson to police the road: with results there’s less parking.


But still quite a bit.

However: Essex County Council are due to take over the road.   And are re-running an earlier, inconclusive, consultation, to see which parking option people prefer.

As you can tell from the added pictures, there’s not many.

Although it has to be they ARE planning to introduce a Permit Scheme: which has worked in the carparks.

The basic  plan — if I’ve understood things correctly — is to introduce optional Permits for on-street packing.

A maximum of two, at £34 each: dependant on how many permits you have for the Residents Car Parks.   If you’ve got one of them, you can only get one on-street permit.

You can also get sheets of Visitors Permits: at £5 a sheet of ten, with each ticket valid for five hours.

We can vote on three options for the scheme.
  • Do we want a Residents Parking Permit Scheme.   (Yes or No)
  • If we do, do we want the scheme to run from a) Monday to Friday or b) Monday to Saturday.
  • If we do, do we want the scheme to run from a) Noon to 1pm or b) 8am to 6pm.
There was ALSO space for comments.

Me, being me, I had a few … !


Now, I have to admit, I’ve already voted: as the consultation allows for online voting on our preferred choices.

I voted ‘No’.

On basis of Cost.

I’ve no objection to £5 for the sheets of Visitors Tickets: that I found both reasonably and affordable.

But £34 for the main permits I felt was too much: even though I know things are optional.

Indeed, that’s what I said in the comments section of the online form: here …
I have to admit, personally, I would have voted yes.
Except that I feel the £34* price tag for each permit is too great.   Had the price been nearer (say) £15 I would be FAR more supportive of the scheme.
Saying that … ?
I feel the £5 price for the visitor tickets is about right.
I should add I support the permit scheme: my objection lies with the price of the permits in the scheme, not the fact of the scheme, itself.
(As a footnote?   Were the residents permits more reasonably priced, I would vote ‘Yes’, ‘Monday to Saturday’ and ‘8am to 6pm’)
Let me re-inforce that for my neighbours who are reading this.

I would have HAPPILY voted yes for this scheme: but £34 is a bit steep.

*    The permits are free to residents over 65, I should add.   There seems to be no concession made to those of us receiving benefits, or on low incomes

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Nik Nak said...

If you’re one of my neighbours who has yet to vote on this issue, I urge you to do so.

You can either return the form we’ve all been sent, or you can vote online: here.

Let me stress: I’m objecting on grounds of cost: for me, £34 per permit is too much.

However, I realise for many of my neighbours, it will be less of an issue: and I urge them to vote ‘Yes’ for this.

We need a turn-out

I still feel we need the road clear, for emergency vehicle use.