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RIPD: Dead Fun

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27th June, 2014

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Hmmm … Right … 

That seemed to work.

Bless them, Wikipedia’s come up with a new bit of embed coding: which now means I can embed a media file from the site on to the blog.

The net result … ?

The net result is what you see before you, now.

A blog post, about a film: one I’ve just seen with an old friend, Kevin.


I’ve GOT to confess, I’d not seen Kevin for a while.   So, when he asked if I was doing anything, tonight, and if I fancied a film … ?

Well, my answers was a very loud, ‘Yes’.

Not only is Kevin good company, he also has good taste in films: and an incredibly portable collection that can be streamed from an iPhone, over to an Apple TV.

Like the one I’ve got, since you ask …

Apple TV 2nd Generation.jpg
"Apple TV 2nd Generation" by Mike L - Self. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.
Sorry, couldn’t resist add ANOTHER photo.

At any rate … ?

He’d suggested a movie.

And had the 2013, Robert Schwentke directed, supernatural comedy, RIPD to hand: quite literally.

And it has to be said: despite the bad review the film got?

We both thought it was rather fun …


Set in Boston, RIPD opens in media res: by showing us two policemen chasing a monster up a building.

Then, as the younger of the two gets run over … ?

The scene switches.

To introduce us to the young officer: played by Ryan Reynolds, he’s revealed to be Nick Walker.

He’s a cop having issues: as he and his partner, Bobby Hayes — Kevin Bacon — have … uh … retrieved some stolen gold, after a drug bust.

Nick’s issues … ?   Are those of conscience: he’d rather not keep the gold and end up getting in trouble for himself or his wife, Julia, played by Stephanie Szostak.

Bobby is seemingly understanding.

But kills his partner, on their next drugs raid.

Nick ends up heading for an afterlife.   But on the way there … ?   Is recruited by Mildred Proctorm the head of the film’s titular Rest in Peace Department.

She’s got both a job for Nick.   And a partner, in the shape of the Late US Marshal, Roycephus Pulsifer.

They’ve got some deadoes to stop …


Now …

I said fun … ?


Something Kevin pointed out to me was something the Wikipedia entry on the film makes clearer.

That RIPD got a lot of bad reviews from the critics.

Something he felt was unjustified, as he’d found it a fun film.

I agree with him.

RIPD isn’t a big, intellectual piece, about humanity’s place in the universe, the Relationship of Humanity to the Empire Brain Building or the meaning of Moral Philosophy and its place in a modern technologically literate society.

Or demonstrate that the Cohen Brothers are incredibly hip.

God grief, no!

It IS on the other hand, a fun, unpretentious movie: that does nothing more than ask you to spend ninety-six minutes in its company, having a good time.

RIPD does that, very well, indeed.


Paul: ★★★☆
Kevin: ★★★☆
Average: ★★★☆

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