Thursday, 19 June 2014

The Machine: Interesting …

18th June, 2014.

It HAS to be said … THAT was enjoyable!

No, really.

The movie, I should say … 

Um … 

I should try and tell you what on Earth I’m talking about, shouldn’t?

Yes, I should … 

You’ve possibly worked out — by now — I’m out of a job.

Hadn’t you … ?

Well, you know, now.

And, yes: for an unskilled single bloke who’s getting older, jobhunting isn’t easy.

Neither’s balancing the books.

I am, like many, on benefits: and, frankly, I’d rather not be, thank you.

I’d like to be earning my own way.

But have to be both realistic: and careful with the money given to me.

Juggling that isn’t easy.

But occasionally … ?

Very occasionally — once every few months type occasionally! — I can afford a £15 iTunes gift card. Something I try to make last for as long possibly.

Now, why, I hear you ask, would I want to do that … ?


I like renting films, occasionally.

On benefits?

Renting a movie from iTunes is;
  • A cheap night in.
  • A cheap night in with company: if you’ve got company.
  • Something to do.
  • Oh … and a cheap way of boosting morale, and relieving boredom.
So, as you’re asking … ?   Yes, I had a little credit left in my iTunes account.   And, yes, I went and rented a movie.

And while I think the resulting evening’s viewing wasn’t the most brilliant film in Apple’s catalogue, I think 2014 film, The Machine was interesting.

Hmmm … 

Let me grab some sleep: and I’ll tell you more in the morning … 


19th June, 2014.

Right, then … you’ve worked out I managed to watch The Machine, last night: hadn’t you … ?

Produced, directed and written by Caradog W. JamesThe Machine is set in a near future: when  Britain is locked into a cold war with China.

The on-going situation sees scientists Vincent and Ava — Toby Stevens and Caity Lotz, respectively — working for the Ministry of Defence.

Partly on seriously brain-damaged soldiers who’ve received complex implants that allow them to function relatively normally, for a few months.

They’re also researching artificial intelligence: with an eye, specifically with an eye to building an android super-soldier.

But with Vincent eyeing applications for his very ill daughter.

It’s only when Ava is killed by a Chinese assassin that things take something of a nasty turn.   As Vincent realises he can use her now mapped brain as software, and her mapped body as the model for a Machine.

The Machine.

And when that’s first activated … ?

That’s when the fun starts … 


Now, I was saying how The Machine isn’t perfect.

It’s not: not very.

It’s possibly too derivative of both Frankenstein: Or A Modern Prometheus, Bladerunner and possibly The Terminator to be considered original*.

But … ?

But it does make a good effort to be both stylish and entertaining: with a cast that performs well, ideas that aren’t necessarily new, but used well, and a script that’s put together competently.

On the whole?

The Machine makes for an entertaining evening.

*        And possibly Splice as well.

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