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The Friday Question Set — 17-7-2015

Hmmm … 

Well, THAT seems to have sorted itself out … 

I’m working: you realise both that, AND that that’s why I’m posting up the Friday Question set, relatively late.

I have to admit to having something of a hairy moment, today: when my pay check didn’t go through.

As it turns out … ?

Someone had put a wrong number into the system!

Still, even though I had hairy moment — along with every OTHER member of staff — it’s now officially sorted: and money is in bank accounts.

Ho-hum … !


At any rate … ?

At any rate, it’s Friday.

Which means it’s time for the Friday Question set.

Here’s this week’s: covered by the usual Creative Commons License*† … 

Online 304.

Q1) Bashed Neeps & Tatties are the traditional accompaniment to which dish?
A1) Haggis.

Q2) Which former soviet Republic is the largest landlocked country on Earth?
A2) Kazakhstan.

Q3) During the 60's, who made the famous ‘Winds of change’ speech?
A3) Harold McMillan.

Q4) The credits for 70’s series opened with a swinging lightbulb?
A4) Callum.

Q5) What was Kate Winslet’s 1st film?
A5) Heavenly Creatures.

Q6) What does the USA have more of, guns or people?
A6) Guns; 223 million guns, versus 215 million people.

Q7) The Reverend Richard Penniman is better known as which Rock & Roll icon?
A7) Little Richard.

Q8) In which year of the 1880’s was the 1st Sherlock Holmes story published?
A8) 1887.


Q10) How many goals did George Best score for Man U?
A10) 178.


Q11) What colour wine usually goes into Sangria?
A11) Red.

Q12) Calvados usually comes from which European country?
A12) France.

Q13) What is the outer layer of a Baked Alaska usually made from?
A13) Meringue.

Q14) What colour is usually associated with Chartreuse liqueur?
A14) Green.

Q15) What is the main ingredient of a caramel sauce?
A15) Sugar.

Q16) Which two vegetables are the main ingredients of Bubble and Squeak?
A16) Potato and Cabbage.


Q18) When Keith Richards mansion was famously raided during the 60’s, what chocolate bar was Marianne Faithful allegdley found with?
A18) A Mars Bar. (The sales went up, enormously.)

Q19) Which English county has a Hotpot named after it?
A19) Lancashire.

Q20) Italian egg shaped tmatoes are usually named after which fruit?
A20) Plums.


Q21) Sound of the Underground was the 1st Number One for which group?
A21) Girls Aloud.

Q22) Four Wedding and a Funeral made which song a Number One? (Extra point for the band that recorded the version in question.)
A22) Love is All Around, by Wet Wet Wet.

Q23) Where is the Love was the 1st UK number one fro which collective?
A23) The Black Eyed Peas.

Q24) Who sang with Kiki Dee, on Don’t Go Breaking My Heart?
A24) Elton John.

Q25) According to Iron Maiden, who should you bring to the Slaughter?
A25) Your Daughter.

Q26) Which Swedish dance act had a hit with Cotton Eye Joe?
A26) The Rednex.

Q27) Which singer’s debut song, & 1st No 1 was called Livin’ La Vida Loca?
A27) Ricky Martin.

Q28) Samuel Hopkins was the real name of which respected Bluesman?
A28) Lightenin’ Hopkins.

Q29) During the 80’s, how many instrumentals hit No 1?
A29) None.

Q30) Who was the 1st artist to get to Number One, whilst wearing an eyepatch?
A30) Gabrielle.


Q31) On which US tv show did George Clooney1st come to fame?
A31) ER.

Q32) Leslie Crowther and Joe Pasquale have both presented which tv game show?
A32) The Price is Right.

Q33) The fictional village of Royston Vasey is the setting for which cult BBC comedy?
A33) The League of Gentlemen.

Q34) Which quiz show does Jeremy Paxman host?
A34) University Challenge.

Q35) Lesbian vet Zoë Tate, appears in which soap?
A35) Emmerdale.

Q36) Tony, Antony Junior, Carmela, & Meadow all appear in which US series?
A36) The Sopranos.

Q37) Dancing with the Stars is the US version of which BBC show?
A37) Strictly Come Dancing.

Q38) Detective Jack Frost is played by which actor?
A38) David Jason.

Q39) In 1997, how many episodes of Coronation Street a week, were there?
A39) Four.

Q40) Which character’s catchphrase was I Don’t Believe It? (Extra point for the show.)
A40) Victor Meldrew. (One foot in the Grave.)


Q41) What name is given to a small portable computer?
A41) A laptop.

Q42) COBOL stands for COmmon Bussiness Oriented…what?
A42) Language.


Q44) The study of fluids moving through pipes is known as what?
A44) Hydraulics.

Q45) Photosynthesis is the process plants use to make what?
A45) Food.

Q46) In a three pronged plug, what colour is the live wire?
A46) Brown.

Q47) Which Japanese company 1st introduced the Walkman?
A47) Sony.

Q48) Pb is the chemical symbol for which metal? 
A48) Lead.

Q49) Gouache is a type of what, paint, plastic, or plaster? 
A49) Paint.

Q50) Which Bill founded Microsoft? 
A50) Bill Gates.


Q51) What does the C stand for, in UNESCO?
A51) Cultural. (The full name is United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation.)

Q52) What is a John Dory?
A52) A fish.

Q53) From which country is Kofi Annan (Secretary General of the UN)?
A53) Ghana.

Q54) How deep, in feet & inches, is a fathom?
A54) 6 foot.

Q55) What does the 'mp' stand for in mp3 player?
A55) Moving Picture.

Q56) Guru is the Sanskit word for what?
A56) Teacher.

Q57) Which country has the most universities?
A57) India, with 7000 (The US comes second with over 4000)

Q58) The streets of Atlantic City, New Jersey, were used in the original version of which board game?
A58) Monopoly.

Q59) Srimavo Bandaranike was the world’s 1st Woman PM. But of which Island
A59) Sri Lanka.

Q60) What does the word ‘Islam’ literally mean: submission, or worshipper?
A60) Submission.

I hope those help.

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