Friday, 3 July 2015

The Friday Question Set — 3-7-2015

Bloody, HELL, but that was a long day!

At work, I mean!

As you’re possibly away, I work in a local fast food joint.

And most of the time, most of the punters are fine.


There’s always one or two who aren’t.

Usually … ?   Usually, not often or frequently.

Unfortunately, the one in particular who’s causing problems?

Is a teenager who — frankly — a royal pain in the bum.

In the pub trade — the one industry I spent so long in — things are relatively simple.   Once barred, a customer can’t go back.

Unfortunately … ?

I’m not working in the pub trade.

At any rate, that’s my gripe: and one I hope will — long term — will come sort of positive conclusion.

It’s Friday: which means my gripes aren’t the important bit.


It’s means the important bit is the Friday Question Set!

Here’s this week’s: covered by the usual Creative Commons License* … 

Online 302
Round 1. General Knowledge.

Q1) Which bedroom item is measured in togs?
A1) Duvets.

Q2) Von Klinkerhoffen appears in which comedy series?

Q3) Which version of the Bible is known as the NEB?

Q4) A fiftieth wedding anniversary is symbolised with which metal?
A4) Gold.

Q5) The Beatles had a hit with Eleanor who?

Q6) Who was Senator McCarthy trying to identify, during the 50’s?

Q7) Who —  along with The Dubliners — recorded a version of The Irish Rover: The Pogues, The Undertones or Sinead O’Connor?
A7) The Pogues.

Q8) In 1774, Joseph Priestly discovered which gas: Oxygen, Nitrogen or Helium?
A8) Oxygen.

Q9) Sisters Patty, Maxine and Laverne, formed which group?
A9) The Andrews Sisters.

Q10) In Moonlighting, David Addison is played by which Hollywood star?

Round 2. Soap and Flannel. 

Q11) Henry Ramsey appears in which Aussie soap?
A11) Neighbours.

Q12) Which soap is set in Borsetshire?
A12) The Archers.

Q13) JR, Sue Ellen and Bobby appeared in which US soap?
A13) Dallas.

Q14) Alexis Carrington was played by which actress?
A14) Joan Collins.

Q15) That same actress made her first US TV appearance in which science fiction series?
Star Trek.

Q16) Peggy Mitchell is played by which former
Carry On actress?
A16) Barbara Windsor.

Q17) In which soap does the character of Sinbad appear?
A17) Brookside.

Q18) Which EastEnders character has an affair with his mother in law?
A18) Grant Mitchell.

Q19) Florizel Street was the original title — during its pre-production — of which soap?
Q19) Coronation Street.

Q20) The Campbells, and the Tates feature in which US series?
A20) Soap.

Round 3. Round the World.

Q21) The Black Forest is in which European country?
A21) Germany.

Q22) Which colour is the middle stripe of the French flag?
A22) White.

Q23) What is the capital of Bulgaria?
A23) Sofia.

Q24) Prior to the introduction of the Euro, what was the currency of Italy?
A24) The Lira.

Q25) Which two colours make up the Greek flag?
A25) Blue and White?

Q26) Nero fiddled, whilst which European city burnt?
A26) Rome.

Q27) The Pope is the head of which European state?
A27) Vatican City.
Q28) What are the only armed forces in Monaco?
A28) The Palace Guard.

Q29) Which country is home to the European Investment Bank?
A29) Luxembourg.

Q30) Name one of the two heads of state of Andorra.
A30) The President of France, or the Spanish Bishop of Urgel.

Round 4. Music and Lights.

Q31) Which teenage girl band shares a name with an Egyptian queen?
A31) Cleopatra.

Q32) Which respected bluesman was born was christened as McKinley Morganfeld?
A32) Muddy Waters.

Q33) Graeme McPherson is better known as which member of Madness?
A33) Suggs, the lead singer.

Q34) How many girls are in Alisha’s Attic?
A34) 2.

Q35) Colonel Tom Parker was the manager of which star?
A35) Elvis Presley.

Q36) True or False. Was Blind Lemon Jefferson a genuine bluesman?
A36) True.

Q37) Vanessa Mae plays which musical instrument?
A37) The violin.

Q38) Wendy James was the lead singer for which band?
A38) Transvision Vamp.

Q39) Babouska, Wuthering Heights and Army Dreamers were hits for which UK singer?
A39) Kate Bush.

Q40) Alanis Morrisette is from which country?
A40) Canada.

Round 5. At The Movies.

Q41) Which Disney film featured songs called The Circle of Life, and Hakuna Mutata.
The Lion King.

Q42) Susan Sarandon played a nun in which film?
A42) Dead Man Walking.

Q43) Complete the following title: Teenage Mutant Ninja … what?
A43) Turtles.

Q44) In which film did Nigel Hawthorne play an English monarch?
A44) The Madness of King George.

Q45) How many James Bond films did George Lazenby star in?
A45) 1.

Q46) Anthony Hopkins played which US president?
A46) Richard Nixon.

Q47) Which 1993 Spielberg film is largely shot in black and white?
A47) Schindler’s List.

Q48) Which Bond film shares its name, with Ian Fleming’s Jamaican home?
A48) Goldeneye.

Q49) Which was the 3rd Oliver Stone film, about Vietnam?
A49) Platoon.

Q50) In the film of the same name, who played Buster?
A50) Phil Collins.

Round 6 General Ignorance.

Q51) What kind of dancing was Vaslav Nijinsky famous for?
A51) Ballet.

Q52) Which vegetable is said to help you see in the dark?
A52) Carrots.

Q53) How many legs does an arachnid have?
A53) 8. It’s the class of animals that includes spiders and scorpions.

Q54) Dolcelatte, and Pecorino are both types of what?
A54) Cheese.

Q55) Along with white, and red, what colour appears on the Italian flag?
A55) Green.

Q56) Tinned Haricot beans, in tomato sauce are better known as what?

Q57) John Goodman played which character, in the film version of The Flintstones?

Q58) Biblically, how many diners were present at the last supper?
A58) 13.

Q59) Tom Thumb, Winter Density and Tennis Ball, are all types of what?
A59) Lettuce.

Q60) What is another name for a natatorium?
A60) A swimming pool.

I hope those help: I’ll catch you next time … 

*        All that means is that you’re free to copy, use, alter and build on each of my quizzes: including the Teasers, Gazette Teasers and the Friday Question Sets.   All I ask in return is that you give me an original authors credit on your event’s flyers or posters, or on the night: and, if you republish them, give me an original authors credit AND republish under the same license.   A link back to the site — and to the Gazette’s, if that’s where you’ve found these — would be appreciated: as would pressing my donate button, here.

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