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The Friday Question Set — 31-7-2015

Blimey … I am in a rush … !

To be brutally honest … ?   I start work, at half past two.

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So I’m doing my dinner, now: and will have a sandwich, later.

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With that in mind, let’s get a’moving, shall we?

As it’s Friday, it mean’s it’s time for the Friday Question Set.

Here’s this week’s: covered by the usual Creative Commons License* … 

Online 306

Q1) What was the surname of composing brothers, Edward, Johann and Joseph?
A1) Strauss .

Q2) Which High Street store uses the St. Michael trademark?

Q3) Name any of the three actors to have played Q in the James Bond movies.     (The main Eon Productions ones, I should add.)
A3) Desmond Llewellen, John Cleese and Ben Whishaw.

Q4) What kind of creature is a Pipistrelle?
A4) A bat.

Q5) Who followed Bill Clinton as President of the USA … ?

Q6) Which style did Claude Monet paint in: Impressionism, Cubism or Post-Nihilism?

Q7) What’s the word for a young whale: a calf, a pup or a cygnet?
A7) Calf.

Q8) In which year of the 1940s was Mahatma Gandhi assassinated?
A8) 1948.

Q9) Oscar Wilde died in which European city?
A9) Paris.

Q10) Jim Davis invented which cartoon cat?
A10) Garfield.


Q11) Cornflake Girl , and Professional Widow were big hits for which American singer/songwriter?
A11) Tori Amos.

Q12) Which 80s singer caused a scandal with his Addicted to Love video?
A12) Robert Palmer.

Q13) Which Bluesman used the stage names Birmingham Sam, and Delta John?
A13) John Lee Hooker.

Q14) Rhymes & Reasons was the first hit album for which country singer?
A14) John Denver.

Q15) Michael Hutchence was found hanging from a hotel room doorknob.   Which Australian band was he the singer for?
A15) INXS.

Q16) Who did Robbie Williams sing with, on the duet, Kids?
A16) Kylie Minogue.

Q17) The late Syd Barrett was a founder member of which 60s band?
A17) Pink Floyd.

Q18) A 90s documentary invited the public to be “In Bed With…” who?
A18) Madonna.

Q19) Who released the album, The Emancipation of Mimi, in 2005?
A19) Mariah Carey.

Q20) Which rock & roll icon won a talent contest, aged 10, by singing the song, Old Shep
A20) Elvis.


Q21) At what number, in Rillington Place did John Christie live? 
A21) 10.

Q22) In which year of the 60s was Britain’s last hanging? 
A22) 1964.

Q23) Which parts of the body went into the pillory?
A23) The neck & wrists.

Q24) Albert DeSalvo was more notoriously known as the Boston…what? 
A24) Strangler.

Q25) Grave robbers, Burke and Hare, operated in which Scottish city? 
A25) Edinburgh.

Q26) In which year of the 1730’s was Dick Turpin hanged?
A26) 1739.

Q27) Which Gilbert & Sullivan character said “Let the punishment fit the crime”?
A27) The Mikado.

Q28) In which month of 1963, was President Kennedy assassinated?
A28) November.

Q29) During the 70’s, which football icon famously stole a fur coat, and passport from Miss World?
A29) George Best.

Q30) In which Gloucester street was Fred & Rosemarie West’s ‘House of Horrors’?
A30) Cromwell Street.


Q31) In which decade did Prince Charles marry Lady Diana Spenser?
A31) The 1980s.

Q32) In 2002, how many years did the Queen celebrate being on the Throne?
A32) 50 years.

Q33) Prince Michael is Prince Michael of which English county?
A33) Kent.

Q34) Who is the eldest of Prince Andrew’s children?
A34) Beatrice.

Q35) What is the first name of Princess Anne’s son … ?
A35) Peter.

Q36) What title does he have?
A36) None.

Q37) What name did the King who abdicated in 1936 have?
A37) Edward.

Q38) Who was Britain’s first monarch of the 20th Century?
A38) Queen Victoria. (She died in 1901.)

Q39) Which Duchess comforted a weeping Jana Navotna, at Wimbledon? 
A39) The Duchess of Kent.

Q40) What was the maiden name of Sophie, Duchess of Wessex?
A40) Rhys–Jones.


Q41) What type of pet did Manuel adopt, in Fawlty Towers?   (Extra point for the Name!)
A41) A rat. (Called Basil.)

Q42) Which future James Bond appeared in Our Friend in the North?
A42) Daniel Craig.

Q43) “You Dirty Old Man” is a catchphrase from which classic comedy?
A43) Steptoe & Son.

Q44) In which decade were weather forecaster’s first seen on tv?
A44) The 1950s.

Q45) In which series would you find Blanco, Lukewarm, & Bunny Warren? (Extra point for the relevent actor.)
A45) Porridge.(David Jason, Christopher Biggins, Sam Kelly.)

Q46) Aristotle was a pet of Gomez Addams, in The Addams Family: what kind of sea creature was Aristotole?
A46) An Octopus.

Q47) In Dad’s Army, who called Sgt Wilson Uncle Arthur?
A47) Private Pike.

Q48) Which family lived in Mandela House, in Peckham?
A48) The Trotters. (In Only Fools & Horses)

Q49) In which US sitcom do Ross, Joey, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe & Rachel all feature?
A49) Friends.

Q50) Which Irish sitcom is set on Craggy Island?
A50) Father Ted.


Q51) What are the names of Thomas the Tank Engines two carriages? 
A51) Annie and Clarabel.

Q52) Bashed Neeps & Tatties are the traditional accompaniment to which dish?
A52) Haggis.

Q53) Which former soviet Republic is the largest landlocked country on Earth?
A53) Kazakhstan.   (Clicking on the ‘Area’ arrows lit list them in size.)

Q54) True or False: Gus Grisson was the first person to make to 2 space trips.
A54) True.

Q55) How many goals did George Best score for Man United: 127, 137 or 147?
A55) 137.

Q56) What does the C stand for, in UNESCO?
A56) Cultural.   (The full name is United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation.)

Q57) Where would you find a jib: on a sailing boat, a car or a helicopter?
A57) A sailing boat or ship.   (It’s a kind of triangular sail.)

Q58) Kofi Annan, former UN General Secretary, is from which African country?
A58) Ghana.

Q59) How deep, in feet & inches, is a fathom?
A59) 6 foot.

Q60) What does the ‘mp’ stand for in mp3 player?

Enjoy those: I hope they help …

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