Monday, 7 December 2015

House of Cards — Series 2: Episodes 4 and 5

You know, I have to confess to being in a funny mood, today.

I’ve spent some time on the phone to BT, this morning, complaining about my broadband usage, has left something of a taste in my mouth.

Basically?   Basically, my broadband usage seem suspiciously high for the past couple of months: and as part of trying to deal with it?

My internet service provider has help me change passwords on my router, today: to see if that helps stop any potential hijackers.

On top of THAT … ?

Time Machine, my back up programme … ?   Told me it couldn’t fit anymore back ups on to the internal drive I use as my back up drive.

Leading me to about it on Apple’s support communities.

Hopefully … ?

Someone will be able to make a suggestion or two.

At any rate … ?   Having the day off, I felt I deserved a treat of some description.

Even if it is a couple of episodes of a TV show.

And, yes, since you ask.

Yes: it WAS two episodes of the second series of House of Cards … 


Episode 4 opens with Francis and Claire Underwood due to do a live interview for CNN: in The run up to an important congressional vote.

The vote is suspended, however: as an unsuspecting secretary opens a packages … only to get covered by a suspicious white powder.

Suspecting a biological attack, the US Capitol is shut down, whilst government Hazmat teams secure the area.

Leaving Frank to negotiate with Donald Blythe, in order to help get votes.

And leaving Claire to make some extraordinary admissions on camera.

Episode 5 opens with Frank at a historical re-enactment: as a prelude to having to negotiate with Xander Feng, a chinese billionaire, and Communist Party insider.

Feng is seeking to make sure an important piece of regulation — regulation unfavourable to the Chinese government — goes through at the World Trade Organisation: so he and his US business partner can benefit.

That partner is Ray Tusk: longtime friend of the President, and an old rival of Francis Underwood’s.

While THAT’s happening?   Claire is dealing with the repercussions of confessing to having been raped: when Seth Grayson arrives at her office, with proof she’d had an illegal abortion.

On top of all this?

Reporter, Lucas Goodwin (Sebastian Arcelus) is arrested at a major server centre: having tried to sabotage it.

Things are getting … 

Murky … 


Now … Am I still enjoying this … ?

And has my mood improved?

Let’s deal with the latter question first, shall we?

Yes it has, thank you!

I think part of that … ?

Is the fact Kevin Spacey, as Frank Underwood, talks directly to the camera: breaking the fourth wall, and throwing us those world weary conspiratorial glances, whenever another character does something unwise is a highlight of of the series.

And … ?

One I, personally, find drily comedic.

Outside of that?   As a conniving politician, Spacey is fantastic!

On top of that … ?

Spacey’s got a match: in the shape of Robin Wright, and her portrayal of Claire Underwood: JSUT as ruthless, in her own way, as Frank.

And, I suspect … ?

JUST as ruthless … and even more frank in Episode 4.

So far … ?

The pair of them are making House of Cards series 2 just as watchable as series one.

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