Monday, 4 January 2016

Sherlock: The New Year’s Day Special — The Abominable Bride

You know, I have to admit to feeling vaguely grateful.


I’m grateful to have some time off at the moment.

I’m grateful to have a fourth generation Apple TV: complete with an onboard version of the BBC’s iPlayer catch-up app.

I’m bloody annoyed at Amazon: managing to lose an internal hard drive I’d ordered from them.

That latter … ?   Is something for another post, maybe.   Quite probably in the morning!

At any rate, gratitude?

Yes, I’m grateful to have much I otherwise wouldn’t have.

You see, working on New Year’s Day … ?

Meant I missed the seasonal special of Sherlock.

And frankly?

I’m glad — and grateful — that I caught it.


The Abominable Bride opens with a brief pre-title teaser: reminding us of all that’s happened with the series to date.   And reminding us that Sherlock — Benedict Cumberbatch — has been recalled to the UK, after it seems a certain Professor Moriarty — Andrew Scott — is still alive.

The scene shifts to some 120 years ago: where an ALTERNATIVE version of Sherlock is introduced to an alternative Dr Watson.

Shifting to some time later?

It sees a deeply alarmed Inspector Lestrade — Rupert Graves — has come to see Holmes and Watson … 

About the late Mrs Ricoletti.

Who seemingly, killed her husband, after publicly shooting herself in the head.

Work that out … 


Now … grateful … ?

Very much so, actually.

I’m am grateful to have finally caught up with The Abominable Bride.

For one thing, it certainly adds to the backstories and characters of the Moffat/Gatiss take on Sherlock.

And … ?

And gives us a glimpse at how Cumberbatch, Freeman, et al, would handle their characters in the character’s Victorian settings.

Very well, actually!


Frankly, if this were a movie I were writing about, I’d be giving it a three out of four*.

It’s not the most stunning of stories.

But IS very watchable.

As a final thing … ?

I’m going to leave you with Duel, by Propaganda.

Given I’ve just bought the album …

*        My ratings go from zero stars (☆☆☆☆) to four stars (★★★★), so you know.

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