Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Mr Robot — Series 1: Episodes 3 and 4 — eps1.2_d3bug.mkv and eps1.3_da3m0ns.mp4

You know, day’s off can be nice.


Except when you’ve a pile of house work to do.

Or laundry.

Or stuff for a blog.

There’s a couple of interesting Teasers coming up, I know that.

At any rate?   I do know I’ve had a chance to catch up with more episodes of the first series of Mr Robot, tonight.


Well, I feel I under-played my opinion of the second episode, a while back.

And want to try an correct that, tonight, if I may.

Episode 3 — eps1.2_d3bug.mkv — sees Tyrell — Elliot’s nemesis at Evil Corp — frustrated in his attempts to be named as Chief Technology Officer: and maundering his way around the office as a result.   Elliot, meanwhile?   Is having to spend time in hospital: after being pushed off a wall As a result of his morphine addiction.   And, at a works dinner?   He and the rest of the AllSafe team find there’s more going on at Evil Corp than they think.

Episode 4 — eps1.3_da3m0ns.mp4 shows up exactly WHAT kind of pressures Elliot is under: as he tries to go cold turkey: only to suffer both withdrawal symptoms, AND hallucinations … 

In the run up to fsociety’s on Evil Corp’s one Datacentre.

Before they create backups.

Time is tight … 


Now …

Good … ?

Yes, actually.

The more I see of the series, the more I want to explore the world presented in it.

I’m told the show is a reasonably accurate presentation of hacker/cyber-security culture.

I find it gives us a central characters who’s obvious mental health issues make him both sympathetic.

AND question our assumptions of whether this is reality … or a morphine induced, paranoid fever.

And has presented me with an interesting question I want answered.

Quite simply this.

Christian Slater’s character, Mr Robot?

Is he a genuine real world character?

Or a figment of Elliot‘s paranoid imagination?

With a slippery sense of reality I personally found reminiscent of both the original version of The Prisoner and The Singing Detective?

I think that’s why I’m going to carry on watching …

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