Thursday, 23 February 2017

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 23-2-2017

Do you follow the Brits, at all?   The annual British pop music awards?


I don’t.

I like listening to music: but not to the point of tuning into the various annual gong shows.

But I tend — if they’re on — to keep an eye on the results.

Just in case anyone I’ve actually heard of gets an award.

There was one such winner, last night.

David Bowie won Best Album, and Best British Male.


I think that’s entirely appropriate.


But let’s move on, shall we?

Yesterday’s Teaser saw Debbi* and Trevor† putting in their answers: with both scoring five out of five.   The day also saw Debbi offering some legs points, and Olga‡ offering a few thoughts.

Let’s see how everyone does with today’s questions, shall we?

Here they are, along with the How To, License and video … 

Q1) 23rd February, 1739, saw Richard Palmer publicly named as whom?
Q2) At least 83 people were killed: in attacks made by so-called, Islamic State on 23rd February, 2012.   In which country?
Q3) What was spotted in the Large Megallenic Cloud, on 23rd February, 1987: a red dwarf, a super nova or a black hole?
Q4) The Symbionese Liberation army demanded a ransom: on 23rd February, 1974.   For whom?
Q5) Finally … the 28th Regiment of the 5th Marine Division took Mount Suribachi on 23rd February, 1945.   Some of the marines were photoed raising what, at its summit?
Here’s yesterday’s invasion themed questions and answers …

Q1) The last attempted invasion of mainland Britain began on 22nd February: when forces from Revolutionary France landed in Fishguard, in Wales.   In which year?
A1) 1797.   Yesterday was the 220th anniversary.
Q2) The last time any of the British Isles were occupied was during World War 2.   Which isles were occupied?
A2) The Channel Isles.
Q3) The Falklands are British territory in the South Atlantic. They were invaded in 1982.   By which country?
A3) Argentina.
Q4) The ‘British Invasion’ took place in the 1960s.   When British bands dominated which county’s charts?
A4) The USA’s.
Q5) Finally … Invasion!º was a comic about an invasion of the UK: by the nefarious Volgans.   The strip was in which UK comic?
A5) 2000AD.
I’ll leave you with this thoughtª …
“Then to the King’s Theatre, where we saw Midsummer’s Night’s Dream, which I had never seen before, nor shall ever again, for it is the most insipid ridiculous play that ever I saw in my life.”
Samuel Pepys, 23 February 1633 – 26 May 1703.
And this song …

Enjoy your day.

*        Cheers for that, Debbi: it’s good to see the basic legal principles laid out like that.   You’re a STAR!   (Wish I’d had that available for when the Penny Dreadful’s owner’s issued a take down notice.   Aunty Beeb doesn’t seem to have the same issue: at least, they’ve never issued a notice on any of the Dr Who or Merlin clips I’ve posted.)

†        Someone’s quiet there, Trevor!

‡        That’s why I’m usually careful with the Teaser videos, Olga^: although the things that earnt me copyright warnings were the songs I used to include in the soundtracks.   Oh, and screen captures!   They’re another technical copyright infringement.   But, from the little I’ve seen?   Most software makers don’t complain too much: I get the impression such use hands them free advertising, or free tutorials!   (Does your version of Windows come with a way for recording what you’re doing on screen?   Very handy, that!)

^        Olga, I really couldn’t tell you if there’s dialogue, or not.   But I’ve seen one or two foreign language films whose trailers just use action scenes … so I wasn’t surprised to see a dialogue free one for Timecode.

ª        Will Shakespeare, if he read that … ?   Would be sitting there, saying “Oh, yeah, everyone’s a bloody critic!”

º        I might just have to sit down with the trade paper back of that: the strip’s one I’ve not read for years.


Mr Strict said...

1> Dick Turpin.
2> Iraq.
3> A super Nova.
4> Patty Hearst.
5> US Flag.

Debbi said...

It's tough to battle the likes of YouTube. I register my objections, but don't always win. So it goes, as Vonnegut once wrote.

1. Dick Turpin
2. Iraq
3. a super nova
4. Patty Hearst
5. the American flag

Olga Nunez Miret said...

I'll keep you posted on any news about the short. I'll try and catch up with his mother when I next go to Barcelona (so far the plan is in April, but things change).
There is a way of doing screen captions (mind you, I'm not so sure as last time I used it was with a previous version of Word, I think) but I got something called Snagit a while back with the idea of doing videos showing things you can do on the computer. It's very handy for screen captures too and it has some (limited but I'm not very good at them anyway) capabilities for editing images. Enough for changing sizes, adding numbers, highlighting things... Unfortunately, although it allows you to edit the video you've made, it's limited to cutting bits. For anything more elaborate you need Camtasia (much more expensive). I got Snagit discounted (I can't remember if it was AppSumo or something else). Screen captures are very handy when you're trying to explain something indeed (rather than trying to describe what the screen says, people understand the picture better).
I agree with you on Bowie's Brit win. I was thinking of Johnny Cash last album too... So different from early work and so truly theirs...