Friday, 17 February 2017

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 17-2-2017: Ruth Rendell.

Right … 

Back to the metaphorical action, today.

I’m back to work.

And faced with a conundrum.

As — according to a letter I received, yesterday — my Universal Credit has ended, as I’m now earning enough money to support myself.

Which doesn’t mean I’m rich: not by a long shot!

It just means I don’t get help with the rent: which was very useful.

Strictly, though?   Well … a few months ago I looked at applying for Tax Credits: but couldn’t, as I was on Universal Credit.

Given that’s now ended, I’ve managed to apply for the application form, again, on the government’s website.

We’ll have to see how it goes.


As an extra thought … ?

JUST as an extra thought, I actually managed to sit down with a film, last night.

Rather than more episodes of Mr Robot.


I’ve finally managed to catch up with The Cabinet of Dr Caligari.

I know early 20th Century silent, German, horror films aren’t going to appeal to everyone.

But I think it’s worth a watch.


Let’s move on, shall we?

Yesterday’s Teaser saw Trevor* and Debbi† putting in their answers: with both scoring five out of five.   The day also saw Olga‡ leaving us all a message on the 15th February’s Teaser.

Let’s see how everyone does with today’s questions, shall we?

Here they are, along with the How To, Licence and video … 

Q1) 17th February marks the birth of writer, Ruth Rendell.   In which year: 1929, 1930 or 1931?
Q2) In which part of London: South Woodford, Woodford Green or Woodford Wells?
Q3) Her best known detective character is Chief Inspector Reginald who:    Swinford, Tarbert or Wexford?
Q4) The first book he appeared in was called From Doon with…  what: Love, hate or death?
Q5) He also appeared in a 1983 Rendell novel, called The Speaker of Mandarin.   Mandarin is a version of which Eastern language: Japanese, Chinese or Thai?
Q6) The most recent novel featuring the Chief Inspector was No Man’s Nightingale.   The book was published in which year: 2012, 2013 or 2014?
Q7) Her most recent standalone novel was published in 2015.   It’s called ‘Dark …’ what: Holes, Corners or Pits?
Q8) She also wrote ‘The St Zita Society.’   Saint Zita is a patron saint of whom: chefs, carpenters or maids?
Q9) Ruth Rendell wrote 14 novels under which pen name: Barbara James, Barbara Vine or Barbra Streisand?
Q10) Finally … Ruth Rendell was Baroness of Babergh.   Babergh is in which country: Sussex, Suffolk or Surrey?
Here’s yesterday’s questions and answers … 

Q1) Fidel Castro was sworn in: on 16th February, 1959.   As Cuban what: President, Prime Minister or Chief Justice?
Q2) Hezbollah was founded: on 16th February, 1985.   The group is based where: Lebanon, Israel or Syria?
A2) Lebanon.
Q3) The Kyoto Protocol came into force: on 16th February, 2005.   What is the Protocol trying to slow?
A3) The air pollution causing global warming.
Q4) The US Army’s last MASH unit was decommissioned: on 16th February, 2006.   MASH stood for Mobile Army Surgical … what?
A4) Hospital.
Q5) Finally … the US emergency phone number went into initial operation: on 16th February, 1968.   What IS that number?
A5) 911.
I’ll leave you with a quote …
“I don’t think there is a fictional character who resembles me because fictional characters are not real!”
Ruth Rendell, 17 February 1930 – 2 May 2015.
And a clue … 

Have a good day.

*        Morning, Trevor … how’s the day … ?

†        You know, Debbi, I’m really going to have to look the preferred spelling of ‘programme’/‘program’ … !   At ANY rate?   Sapphire and Steel was one of the SF shows of the late 1970s: slow, by today’s standard, but still riveting to watch.   Quite what’s happening with the remake?   I couldn’t tell you.   There MIGHT be something on IMDb Pro, though, but … !   Oh, there’s something in your inbox … (I’m saying nothing about flouncing …)

‡        What CAN I tell you, Olga?   There’s literally no pleasing some people!   The fact it was raining in Paris, when you comment, though?   Seems VERY appropriate … !   At ANY rate, here’s hoping something comes of it: but we’ll see.   (In other fronts?   I’ve finally caught Dr Caligari … )

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Debbi said...

Thank you! Got the package! :)

Flouncing! Great word!

1. 1930
2. South Woodford
3. Wexford
4. Death
5. Chinese
6. 2013
7. Corners
8. maids
9. Barbara Vine
10. Suffolk