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The Friday Question Set — 2-11-2012

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Now, that’s a handy thing to know!

Regular Old Peculiar contributor Debbi, has managed to formally restart her Indiegogo campaign.

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I’ve now formally put Debbi’s campaign into my Sidebar: just under her corresponding FB page.

If you’d like to help a struggling author, feel free to click on that link.


At ANY rate … ?

At any rate, today is a Friday: and, as my regular readers know, that means it’s time for the Friday Question set.

Here it is, along with the usual Creative Commons License and ‘How To’.
Online 175
Q1) Your So Vain, by Carly Simon, is allegedly about which movie star?   
A1) Warren Beatty.
Q2) Which pre-decimal British coin had a value of 2 shillings?   
A2) Florin.
Q3) The Art of Noise did the theme-tune for which police comedy?   
A3) Dragnet.
Q4) Spell Rioja.   
A4) Rioja.
Q5) What European language is the main one spoken in Brazil?   
A5) Portugese.
Q6) How many cards are there, in each of the suits of the minor arcane of tarot cards?   
A6) 14.
Q7) Which is the longer distance, a mile, or a kilometre?   
A7) The mile.
Q8) Was Sir Walter Scott Scottish?   
A8) Yes.
Q9) In which country would you find Uluru?   
A9) Australia.  (It’s the aboriginal name for Ayer’s Rock.)
Q10) Which John married Sheila Hancock?   
A10) John Thaw.
Q11) How many balls are needed for a game of Snooker?   Bonus point for telling us what colour most of the balls are.   
A11) 23.   (15 reds, 7 coloureds, and the cue ball.   Red.)
Q12) In which English town is the Jorvik Viking Centre?   
A12) York.
Q13) In which sport would you snatch and jerk?   
A13) Weightlifting.
Q14) What toy was invented by Danish brothers, Olé and Godtfred Christiansen?   
A14) Lego.
Q15) The world’s oldest toyshop is in Regents Street, in London: what’s it called?   
A15) Hamley’s.
Q16) Where does a Steiff Teddy Bear have its label of authenticity?   
A16) In its ear.
Q17) What are modern canoes made from?   
A17) Fibreglass.
Q18) When played on clay, or shale, what name is given to Lawn Tennis?   
A18) Lawn Tennis.
Q19) TSR Ltd are famous from producing which game: Dungeons & Dragons, Monopoly or Scrabble?   
A19) Dungeons & Dragons.
Q20) What would you be doing, if you were doing Callisthenics?   
A20) Keeping fit.  (Accept Keep Fit.)
Q21) The Three Choirs Festival involves choirs from three cities: name one of them.   (Two points for telling us all three.)   
A21) Gloucester, Hereford and Worcester. 
Q22) Which British television comedy had Liberty Bell as its theme tune?   
A22) Monty Python’s Flying Circus.
Q23) Who was Born to Make You Happy in 2000?   
A23) Britney Spears.
Q24) In which city is the Halle Orchestra based?   
A24) Manchester.
Q25) From which Andrew Lloyd Webber show does the song Another Suitcase in Another Hall come?   
A25) Evita.
Q26) A trumpet voluntary is usually played on which instrument?   
A26) An organ.
Q27) What instrument do Vanessa Mae and Anne-Sophie Mutter play?   
A27) The violin.
Q28) Whose number one hits have included Careless Whisper, Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me and A different corner?    
A28) George Michael.
Q29) Where did the Thompson Twins get their name from?    
A29) From characters in the Tintin cartoons.
Q30) Sitar player Ravi Shankar has a piano-playing daughter called what?   
A30) Norah Jones.
Q31) Who played Robin Hood in the classic 1950’s series, The Adventures of Robin Hood?
A31) Richard Greene.
Q32) Which long-running US series claimed Suicide is Painless?
A32) M.A.S.H.   Or M•A•S•H.   Or M·A·S·H if you’re REALLY picky …   (It was the name of the Theme tune)
Q33) Which series followed the long-running romance of Jean and Lionel?   
A33) As Time Goes By.
Q34) What was the subject of the UK’s first television advertisement?   (Bonus for telling us what the brand was.)   
A34) Toothpaste. (Gibbs SR).
Q35) What is the name of the city in which the medical drama series Casualty is set?   
A35) Holby
Q36) Who was the Polish-born scientist who presented The Ascent of Man in 1973?   
A36) Jacob Bronowski.
Q37) Who hosts the television archaeology series Time Team?   
A37) Tony Robinson.
Q38) In which television sitcom would you find Patsy and Eddy … ?   
A38) Absolutely Fabulous.
Q39) Which part did former child star Jackie Coogan play in television’s Addams Family?   
A39) Uncle Fester.
Q40) With whom did Andy Pandy share a basket in Watch with Mother?  
A40) Teddy.
Q41) In the 1st ever World Cup final, who lost?   
A41) Argentina
Q42) Which indoor sport was invented in a Massachusetts YMCA?   
A42) Basketball
Q43) Which American swimmer won a record 7 Gold medals, in the 1972 summer Olympics?   
A43) Mark Spitz
Q44) Which Italy defender did Zinedine Zidane head-butt, in the final of the 2006 World Cup?   
A44) Marco Materazzi
Q45) Which football club is generally agreed to be the oldest in England?   
A45) Notts Country.
Q46) Who was the first Rugby Union player to score 50 international tries?   
A46) David Campese
Q47) Which Derbyshire wicket-keeper  set a record for the most dismissals, between 1960 and 1988?   
A47) Bob Taylor.
Q48) Francis Chichester made his 60s solo round the world trip in which yacht?   
A48) Gypsy Moth 4.
Q49) Bob Nudd became a world champion in which sport?   
A49) Angling.
Q50) In January 2005, Joachim Johansson set the world record for the most aces in a match: how many did he get?   
A50) 51.
Q51) Jerry Springer is the former mayor of which US city: Cincinatti, New York or Chicago?   
A51) Cincinatti.
Q52) During the 80’s, the USSR occupied which troubled middle-eastern country?   
A52) Afghanistan.
Q53) Desmond LLewellen found fame as Q, in the James Bond films.  Which children’s TV show did he appear in?   
A53) The Lightening Tree.
Q54) Renowned sitar player Ravi Shankar has a daughter called what?   
A54) Norah Jones.
Q55) Which football club does Alf Garnett support?   
A55) West Ham.
Q56) In which country was opera singer, Dame Kiri Te Kanawa born?   
A56) New Zealand.
Q57) Shimon Peres was Prime Minister of which Middle Eastern country?   
A57) Israel.
Q58) Anna Pavlova found fame in what form of dance?   
A58) Ballet.
Q59) In which country was the Duke of Edinburgh born?   
A59) Greece.
Q60) Lord Louis Mountbatten was murdered off the coast of which European country?   
A60) Ireland.
Enjoy those, everyone.

I hope they help.


Debbi said...

Hi Paul,

You've been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award. You may accept or not, as you wish. :)


Ray Hamel said...

Jerry Springer was the mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio, not Seattle, Washington.


Nik Nak said...

Cheersm, Ray: I’finally managed to find a reference that let’s me correct it.