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The Friday Question Set — 9-11-2012

I have to admit I’ve got Fallout,the last episode of the 1960s original version of The Prisoner, playing in the background.

And don’t actually care there was a remake, a few years ago.   That was DEFINITELY a pale imitation.

For starters … ?   The remake had definite answers: the McGoohan original sure as hell didn’t.   (And induced at least one nervous breakdown in its cast.)

Personally … ?   If anyone offers you the chance to see it … ?   Take the chance, forthwith!

Anyway, let’s move on, shall we?

After all, today’s a Friday … !


And what do Friday’s mean … ?

Well … 

One thing they mean, quite simply, is the Friday Question set for struggling Pub quizmasters.

Here’s this weeks, along with the Creative Commons License that applies to it.
Online 176   
Q1) Which famous house is at 1600, Pennsylvania Avenue?   
A1) The White House.
Q2) Which car manufacturer produces the Samara?   
Q2) Lada.
Q3) In the film & the book, what was the name of the dog, in Oliver Twist?   
A3) Bullseye.
Q4) Does Canada have a President, a Prime Minister, or both?   
A4) A PM.
Q5) Who was the first President of Zimbabwe?   
A5) Canaan Banana.
Q6) In which country does the Zambezi reach the sea?   
A6) Mozambique.
Q7) How much can you inherit in Monopoly, according to the Community Chest Card?   
A7) £100.00
Q8) In the Morecambe Bay tragedy of February, 2004, what nationality were the immigrant workers?   
A8) Chinese.
Q9) According to the title of the well known romantic novel, Catherine Earnshaw lived in which house?   
A9) Wuthering Heights.
Q10) In the 1997 Formula 1 Arrows team, who was Pedro Diniz team mate?   
A10) Damon Hill.
Q11) The first car hire company started in 1918.   But in which US city?   
A11) Chicago.
Q12) On which ship did Sir Francis Drake receive his knighthood?   
A12) The Golden Hind.
Q13) In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue … and found what, North America, the West Indies, or the Bermuda Triangle?   
A13) The West Indies.
Q14) Who preceded Queen Victoria on the throne, William 3rd, William the 4th or George the 3rd?   
A14) William the 4th.
Q15) During WW1, the German Air force 11th Chasing Squadron was also called Baron Von Richtofen’s Flying … what?   
A15) Flying Circus.
Q16) Who was the first Archbishop of Canterbury?   
A16) Saint Augustine.
Q17) Who was the last Empress of Russia?   
A17) Alexandra.
Q18) Who held the title, El Duce?   
A18) Benito Mussolini.
Q19) Who was Chancellor, Foreign Secretary and PM, between 1964 and 1979?   
A19) James Callahan.
Q20) Which pop star married Patricia Beaulieau?   
A20) Elvis Presley.
Q21) Which Desperate Housewife played Lois Lane in The New Adventures of Superman?   
A21) Teri Hatcher
Q22) Who played Adam, in Cold Feet?   
A22) James Nesbitt.
Q23) Crimpton-on-Sea was the setting for which tv sitcom?   
A23) Hi de Hi.
Q24) Penny Smith, Natasha Kaplinsky and Katie Derham are all what?   
A24) TV news readers.
Q25) Which Dame starred in Prime Suspect?   
A25) Dame Helen Mirren.
Q26) A Martian family laughed at potatoes, in a TV commercial for which product?   
A26) Cadburys’ Smash.
Q27) Who was J. R. Ewing’s first wife in the US television series Dallas?   
A27) Sue Ellen.
Q28) In which television comedy series did Craig Charles play crewman David Lister?   
A28) Red Dwarf.
Q29) In which TV series did the characters Edina and Saffron appear?   
A29) Absolutely Fabulous.
Q30) Which Richard starred in The Good Life?   
A30) Briers.
Q31) Taikonaut is which country’s term for an astronaut?   
A31) China’s.
Q32) Name either of the two types of white blood cell.   
A32) Lymphocytes, & Phagocytes.   (One does the killing, the does clean-up.)
Q33) An enzyme is a what: biological catalyst, organic acid or long chain hydrocarbon?   
A33) A biological catalyst.
Q34) What does the medical term strabismus refer to?   
A34) A squint.
Q35) What is an archaeological excavation commonly known as?   
A35) A dig.
Q36) Where on the body might one find a whorl?   
A36) On a fingertip.
Q37) The initials SAD stand for Seasonal Affective … what?   
A37) Seasonal Affective Disorder.
Q38) Which planet in the solar system is the largest?   
A38) Jupiter.
Q39) Which metal has the symbol Fe?   
A39) Iron.
Q40) In British electric plugs, what is the brown wire?   
A40) The live wire.
Q41) The Kirin Brewery is based in which East Asian country?   
A41) Japan.
Q42) On the subject of breweries, which country is the home of Anhauser Busch?   
A42) The USA.
Q43) A bottle of white wine sold at Christies, in 1985, for £105, 000.   Which former US president had signed it?   
A43) Thomas Jefferson.
Q44) E200 to E229 act as what, when used in food?   
A44) Preservatives.
Q45) Which fast food chain opened its 1st UK branch in London, in 1954, Wimpy, Pizza Hut or McDonalds?   
A45) Wimpy.
Q46) The French town of Les Bouillens is famous for which drink?   
A46) Perrier.
Q47) Rennet is used in the making of cheese. but from what part of the cow is it usually made: the stomach, the hooves or the horns?   
A47) The Stomach.
Q48) What sort of drink is Volvic?   
A48) Mineral Water.
Q49) What’s the other name for Thiamin?   
A49) Vitamin B1.
Q50) What sort of nut goes into Pesto: pine nuts, peanuts or almonds?   
A50) Pine nuts.
Q51) How many top ten hits did Catatonia have?   
A51) Three.
Q52) Which lord reported on the Brixton Riots of 1981?   
A52) Lord Scarman.
Q53) Androphobia is the fear of who; – men, women, or children?   
A53) Men.
Q54) What’s the only English anagram of the word ‘SIGNATORY’?   
Q55) In which year of the 1860’s did the US civil war start?   
A55) 1861
Q56) What, technically, the highest rank of the peerage a commoner may hold.    (Or work their way up to.)   
A56) Archbishop.   (Ranking between a Royal Duke, and a Duke.)
Q57) A plutocracy is a country ruled by whom: the wealthy, the poor or the kennel club?   
A57) The wealthy.
Q58) Which Wanderers won the FA Cup, in 1949?   
A58) Wolverhampton Wanderers.
Q59) What’s Britain’s most northerly shipping area, Farœs, Fair Isle or Bailey?   
A59) Farœs.
Q60) The Tripitaka is the holy book of which religion, Sikhism, Buddhism, or Jainism?   
A60) Buddhism.
Enjoy that lot, folks: I hope it leaves your audiences puzzled.

And ALSO leave you with this … 

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