Saturday, 3 November 2012

The Pact — That’s … … interesting … 


I’ve got to admit, I’ve actually got tonight’s episode of QI on, at the moment.

And happily laughing aware, merrily.

And at the same points I did the first time around.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, it’s not a repeat: it’s actually the one I and my youngest sister — my nephew, Jude’s mum, Ruth — saw being recorded a few months ago.

Fascinating to see it again: although it has to be said, John Sessions couldn’t half go on … !

At ANY rate … ?

That’s not quite what I meant to start telling you about.

Nope … !

I was going to start telling you about the film I rented from iTunes, tonight.   The 2012 release, The Pact.



And when I say interesting … 

Directed by first timer, Nicholas McCarthy, The Pact sees Annie — played by Caity Lotz — returning to her old home for the funeral of her mother.

But also to meet her sister, Nicole*: who has disappeared, along with her cousin Lizª.

In trying to find them … ?   In trying to find them, Annie has to go for some unconventional routes: including to a local policeman (Creek, Casper van Dien) and local medium, Stevie (Haley Hudson).

All of THAT … ?

All of that leading to finding that an old friend of her mother is now a LATE old friend.

And — like some of the ghosts I can remember reading about in my childhood — that old friend want’s Annie to find her killer: the serial killer known as Judas … 


Now, I said interesting … ?

It’s definitely that.

It’s ALSO definitely a first time effort: but one that certainly does a lot better — and has a lot more budget — than the last first-timer I saw, the 2011 film, Absentia.

Personally … ?

Personally,  I’m thinking The Pact isn’t stunning.

But IS a nicely polished hour and a half’s worth of entertainment.
The Pact.   

*        Agnes Bruckner.

ª        Kathleen Rose Perkins

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