Thursday, 8 November 2012

THEM!: The Horror, the HORROR … !!!!!!!!

You know, every so often, I have to admit I’ll happily rent a movie.

Who doesn’t?

It is a nice form of entertainment, after all … !

And, while I’ll happily stay glued to whatever looks good and recent, I’ll have to ALSO admit that every so often, I’ll get retro.

No, seriously retro.

To the point, where, last night …

I just couldn’t help but fire up iTunes, and rent the 1954 retro Creature Feature, Them!.

Well, sometimes you HAVE to …


THEM! sees New Mexico police sergeant Ben Peterson* and his patrol-mate, Ed Blackburn finding a little lost girl in the middle of the New Mexican desert.

A little girl who’s both in shock, and quite some distance away from the family caravan.   A caravan that is empty of all other human life …

And that’s been ripped open, by some huge unknown thing … !


Now …

I have to admit, I had quite a lot of fun with THEM!.

Granted, this is a film that’s some 58 years old.  But it’s also one from an era when Hollywood didn’t bother making films that went all arty at you.

Oh, no!

THEM! is an all out monster-fest, that goes from scary to moralising about science to scary in the space of an hour and a half.

What’s more … ?

It’s FUN … !

Go Get … !
THEM!   ★★★☆

*        Played by James Whitemore: who I’m more familiar with as the sympathetic librarian, Brooks, in The Shawshank Redemption.   Hmmm … one of these days, I’ll have to re-watch that … 

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