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The Friday Question Set — 11-1-2013

Hmmm … 

It’s got to be said: I’ve actually managed to get hold of a halfway decent start, today.

Well … early, at any rate … !

Given that … ?

Given that, I thought I’d get today’s Friday Question Set up nice and early.

So, without much further ado, here’s this week’s Friday Question, along with the ‘How To’ and License … 

Online 185   

Q1) Timothy McVeigh was executed for which terrorist outrage?   
A1) The Oklahoma bombing.

Q2) Which film and novel hero, was Don Diego De La Vega’s secret identity?   
Q2) Zorro.

Q3) On which river does Liverpool stand?   
A3) The Mersey.

Q4) Which country’s Civil War began at Fort Sumter in 1861?   
A4) The US Civil War.

Q5) In 1970, the Royal Navy stopped issuing what?   
A5) Rum. 

Q6) OPEC is an acronym of Organisation of Petroleum Exporting … what?   
A6) Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries.

Q7) What does “cap-a-pie” mean?   
A7) From head to foot.

Q8) Dancing with the Stars was the US version of which UK TV series?   
A8) Strictly Come Dancing.

Q9) What is a Mexican black howler?   
A9) A monkey. 

Q10) Is an ankle-biter a small dog, a young child or a kind of bicycle?   
A10) A young child.


Q11) The twist set the trend for what: not touching your partner, not smoking while dancing or wearing checkered suits?   
A11) That of not touching partner.

Q12) In the Paso doblé (PASS-oh DOUGH-blay) what is the female dancer supposed to be?   
A12) Bullfighter’s cloak

Q13) Why is a cakewalk so called?   
A13) Cakes given as competition prizes.

Q14) What did the English National Ballet used to be called?   
A14) Festival Ballet.

Q15) Two dances take their names from US towns: name either.   
A15) Boston, Charleston.

Q16) During which war did the jitterbug gain popularity?   
A16) World War 2.

Q17) Which singer & Radio 2 DJ’s name is also the name of a 19th-century dance?   
A17) Paul Jones.

Q18) The bossa nova is a type of which Latin American dance?   
A18) Samba.

Q19) Who founded the celebrated Ballets Russes in 1909, Serghei Diaghilev, Rudolf Nuryev or Natayle Bessmertnova?   
A19) Sergei Diaghilev.

Q20) Barn-dances were so called because they were associated with the celebrations associated with building a new what?   
A20) A new barn.


Q21) What kind of milk is used in Roquefort cheese?   
A21) Sheep’s milk.

Q22) How many bottles are there in a magnum?   
A22) 2.

Q23) What is the chief ingredient of scampi?   
A23) Prawns.

Q24) On which day are hot cross buns supposed to be eaten?   
A24) Good Friday.

Q25) Oz Clarke is an acknowledged expert on what?   
A25) Wine.

Q26) What is a kitchen on a ship known as?   
A26) The galley.

Q27) In Cockney rhyming slang, what drink is meant by the phrase, “… a Gold watch”?   
A27) Scotch (whisky).

Q28) Spell Rioja.   
A28) Rioja.

Q29) Which vegetable has the Latin name capsicum annuum?   
A29) Pepper.

Q30) Which kind of tea is flavoured with bergamot?   
A30) Earl Grey.


Q31) Who directed Platoon?   
A31) Oliver Stone.

Q32) What, in today’s terms would be the more expensive: the making of the film, The Titanic or the building of a new Titanic cruise liner?   
A32) The film (the film cost $200 million: a new ship would cost $123 million).

Q33) In which romantic comedy would you find Simon Pegg and Thandi Newman?   
A33) Run, Fat Boy, Run.

Q34) Name any of the three main MALE stars of the 2006 film, The Departed?   
A34) Jack Nicholson, Leonardo di Caprio and Matt Damon.

Q35) Which Hollywood great was born in 1899, died in 1957 and appeared in Key Largo and The Maltese Falcon?   
A35) Humphrey Bogart.

Q36) In which film does Nicole Kidman play a scientist who unearths proof of aliens?   
A36) Invasion.

Q37) Which actress starred as Princess Leia in the Star Wars trilogy?   
A37) Carrie Fisher.

Q38) Which famous actor plays the role of Gandalf, in the Lord Of the Rings?   
A38) Sir Ian McKellen.

Q39) What is the title of the 1995 film, which is about a one handed former bowling champion?   
A39) Kingpin.

Q40) He was born in 1949.   His middle name is Tiffany and his first film appearance was in the 1977, Looking For Mister Goodbar.   He is a very famous Hollywood actor who starred in Blood Brothers and Yanks.   Who is he?   
A40) Richard Gere.


Q41) Which golfing trophy was first contested by teams representing Britain and the USA in 1927?   
A41) The Ryder Cup.

Q42) Which football club entered the UK charts in 1981 with Ossie’s Dream?   
A42) Tottenham Hotspur.

Q43) What was the original name of the Commonwealth Games?   
A43) The British Empire Games.

Q44) In which equestrian sport was Ann Moore a well-known figure?   
A44) Show-jumping.

Q45) What is the infield area called in baseball?   
A45) The diamond.

Q46) To win which sporting title must competitors complete the Farmer’s Walk and the Carry and Drag among other events?   
A46) The World’s Strongest Man.

Q47) What icy hobby did poet William Wordsworth pursue?   
A47) Ice-skating.

Q48) At which racecourse is the St Leger run each year?   
A48) Doncaster.

Q49) What do baseball players call a complete miss of the ball?   
A49) A strike.

Q50) What’s the sporting connection between Samuel Beckett and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle?   
A50) They both played Cricket.   (AND get mentioned in Wisden’s.)


Q51) Joe & Annie Sugden appeared in which soap?   
A51) Emmerdale.

Q52) Who wrote the novel, The Runaway Jury?   
A52) John Grisham.

Q53) In which South American country is the city of Sao Paulo?   
A53) Brazil.

Q54) Margaret Thatcher was born in which decade of the 20th century?   
A54) The 1920s.

Q55) What kind of game is Chemin de Fer?   
A55) A card Game.

Q56) What was first sold in post offices, in 1904?   
A56) Books of stamps.

Q57) How many square yards in an acre?   
A57) 4, 840.

Q58) Which TV drama was set in Glenbogle?   
A58) Monarch of the Glen.

Q59) Who plays Rugby Union at Welford Road?   
A59) Leicester.

Q60) In the Bible, which book follows Exodus?   
A60) Leviticus.

Enjoy those, everyone.   Have a great day.

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