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The Friday Question Set — 25-1-2013

You 'know, I don’t know if any of my regular Friday Question readers have read my Daily Teasers, but I thought I’d a) mention them and b) mention the fact that today’s is themed.

It’s the 25th, today: which means it’s Burns Night, for those of us of a non-Scottish persuasion.

At any rate, hopefully, people will feel free to give it a go: have fun if you do … !

Now: let’s move on, shall we?

After all, today is Friday, which means it’s time for the Friday Question Set.

Here it is, complete with the usual License … 

Online 187

Q1) Mg is the chemical symbol for which metal?   
A1) Magnesium.

Q2) Ranidaphobia is a fear of what?   
Q2) Frogs.

Q3) Lord Lucan spent most of his inheritance in which casino?   
A3) The Clermont Club.

Q4) Thimphu is the capital of which Tibetan nation?   
A4) Bhutan.

Q5) R.G. Hardie and Sons are the Queens official suppliers of which musical instrument?   
A5) Bagpipes.

Q6) Which entertainer married his manager, Cheryl St. Clair?   
A6) Michael Barrymore.

Q7) The Old English word ‘acre’ means what in modern English?   
A7) Field.

Q8) Where is the tomb of Henry 8th?   
A8) Saint George’s Chapel, Windsor.

Q9) The current version of Windows is called Windows 8: the current version of the Apple Mac’s operating system is named after which big cat?   
A9) The Mountain Lion.

Q10) What is a Death Cap?   
A10) A poisonous toadstool.


Q11) The Houses of Parliament are in which London palace?   
A11) The Palace of Westminster.

Q12) Which English city was originally known as Sarum?   
A12) Salisbury.

Q13) Opened in 2000, what was the name of London’s first new river crossing for 100 years?   
A13) The Millennium Bridge.

Q14) How far is it in miles from Penzance to Dover?   
A14) 266.

Q15) Which World War II cruiser is moored today at Symon’s Wharf in London?   
A15) HMS Belfast.

Q16) Which castle is the home of the Northern Ireland Assembly?   
A16) Stormont Castle, Belfast.

Q17) Which country cricket team plays at Old Trafford?   
A17) Lancashire

Q18) Alongside Leinster, Munster and Ulster, which is the fourth province of Ireland?   
A18) Connacht (also spelt Connaught).

Q19) Which English cathedral has a Bell Harry Tower?   
A19) Canterbury Cathedral.

Q20) In which English county is the RAF base Biggin Hill?   
A20) Kent.


Q21) No number between one and 99 contains the letter A: true or false?   
A21) True.

Q22) Which number in the National Lottery is chosen less often than any other?   
A22) 13.

Q23) In George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, what is the name of the room in which people are tortured by their greatest fear?   
A23) Room 101: The story goes that the number was the same as that of the room at Broadcasting House in which Orwell had to endure many boring meetings when working for the BBC. 

Q24) In Roman numerals, which number is represented by the letter M?   
A24) 1,000.

Q25) How many Horsemen of the Apocalypse are there?   
A25) Four.

Q26) In The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, what is the answer to life, the universe and everything?   
A26) 42.

Q27) What was US murderer John Dillinger known as?   
A27) Public Enemy Number One.

Q28) By what number do members of the Royal Navy refer to their working dress?   
A28) Number eights.

Q29) What number refers to an ice-cream with a chocolate flake stuck in it?   
A29) 99.

Q30) According to the Bible, what is the Number of the Beast?   
A30) 666.


Q31) Blues Brothers: 2000 was released in which year?   
A31) 1998.

Q32) Which controversial 1992 Australian film brought future star Russell Crowe to the attention of Hollywood?   
A32) Romper Stomper.

Q33) Who starred as convicted hard man, Riddick, in 1999’s Pitch Black?   
A33) Vin Diesal.

Q34) Which real life ex con and crime writer played Mr Blue in 1991’s Reservoir Dogs?   
A34) Eddie Bunker.

Q35) The acclaimed 1962 short film La Jetèe inspired which time travelling science fiction thriller from 1995?   
A35) Twelve Monkeys.

Q36) Which 1991 road movie featured Brad Pitt in a supporting role as small time thief JD?   
A36) Thelma & Louise.

Q37) How many Oscars were won by box office smash Titanic?   
A37) 11.

Q38) Which 70’s icon played Wesley Snipes’ gruff sidekick and mentor in 1998’s Blade?   
A38) Kris Kristofferson.

Q39) Robert De Niro played real life gangster Sam ‘Ace’ Rothstein in which 1995 mob drama?   
A39) Casino.

Q40) Director Peter Jackson preceded his Lord of the Rings trilogy with which 1996 supernatural comedy thriller?   
A40) The Frighteners.


Q41) How did Frederick West take his own life?   
A41) By hanging.

Q42) In which US city was John Lennon shot?   
A42) New York.

Q43) Which Kray twin was first to die, Ronnie or Reggie?   
A43) Ronnie.

Q44) Which Nick got nicked, for the Barings Bank collapse?   
A44) Nick Leeson.

Q45) In which decade was the Great Train Robbery?   
A45) The 1960s.

Q46) In the US, which Charles led his ‘Family’ during a series of ritualistic killings?   
A46) Charles Manson.

Q47) Which Arsenal boss got the boot, after receiving a bung?   
A47) George Graham.

Q48) What was the other nickname for Jack the Ripper?   
A48) Leather Apron.

Q49) How many people sit on the usual English jury?   
A49) 12.

Q50) Notorious Nazi war criminal Rudolf Hess spent the last decades of his life in which prison?   
A50) Spandau.


Q51) Your So Vain, by Carly Simon, is allegedly about which movie star?   
A51) Warren Beatty.

Q52) Which pre-decimal British coin had a value of 2 shillings?   
A52) Florin.

Q53) Which cathedral appears on the back of the £20 note (as first issued in 1999)?   
A53) Worcester Cathedral

Q54) What may be decorated in the Doric, Ionic or Corinthian manner?   
A54) Pillars: or columns.

Q55) Who was the only man to become Vice-President and President of the USA without being elected to either post?   
A55) Gerald Ford.

Q56) Which London museum based in Covent Garden closed in January 2007 due to lack of funds?   
A56) The Theatre Museum.

Q57) From which Broadway show comes the song ‘Bewitched’?   
A57) Pal Joey.

Q58) Which battle began on 1st July, 1916?   
A58) The Battle of the Somme.

Q59) In the nursery rhyme, who marched his men to the top of the hill?   
A59) The Grand Old Duke of York.   The rhyme is thought to refer to a brief invasion of the Netherlands staged by British forces in 1793. The hill in the rhyme is probably that on which the town of Cassel stands in the middle of the otherwise flat Flanders countryside.

Q60) Which doctor married Billy Connolly?   
A60) Pamela Stephenson.

Enjoy that lot: I hope they help … 

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