Friday, 4 January 2013

The Friday Question Set — 4-1-2013

Ta-DAH … !

It’s officially Friday — once more — and the first Friday of the New Year.

Which means … Well, it means, obviously, that it’s the first Friday Question Set of 2013.

As long as I don’t get two distracted by Tetris … !


So: without much more ado, here’s this week’s 60 question set: along with the Creative Commons License that goes with it …

Online 184

Q1) The US flag is known by two nicknames: name either.   (Two points for both)   
A1) Old Glory, or the Stars and Stripes.

Q2) Which sign of the zodiac covers a person born on 28 October?   
Q2) Scorpio.

Q3) What does the letter B stand for in ASBO?   
A3) Behaviour.

Q4) Which car manufacturer makes the Perdana, the Persona and the Satria?   
A4) Proton.

Q5) Which US showman claimed “There’s a sucker born every minute”?   
A5) P.T. Barnum.

Q6) Which season do Americans call Fall?   
A6) Autumn.

Q7) In the strip cartoon, Peanuts what is the name of Snoopy’s brother?
A7) Spike.

Q8) In the Zodiac, what’s symbol represents Gemini?   
A8) Twins.

Q9) In which Kent town is the Royal Navy’s Officer Training School?   
A9) Dartmouth.

Q10) Which Labour MP earned the nickname ‘the Beast of Bolsover’?   
A10) Dennis Skinner.


Q11) Which US intelligence organisation was set up in 1947?   
A11) The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). 

Q12) In the James Bond film franchise, who’s the officer who provides James Bond with his lethal gadgets?   
A12) Q.

Q13) Which English architect, builder of Blenheim Palace, was once imprisoned in the Bastille as a spy?   
A13) Sir John Vanbrugh. 

Q14) Which radio series of the 1940s featured such characters as Mrs Mopp, Funf the spy, and Claude and Cecil?   
A14) ITMA (“It’s That Man Again”).

Q15) What was the code name of George Smiley's adversary in the John Le Carre spy thriller Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy?   (Bonus for telling us who played Karla, in the BBC version.)   
A15) Karla.   (Famously played by Patrick Stewart, in the TV version)

Q16) Which Soviet double agent fled to the USSR after escaping from Wormwood Scrubs prison in London in 1966?   
A16) George Blake

Q17) What was the name of the art expert who in 1979 was publicly unveiled as the fourth man in the Cambridge Spy Ring alongside Kim Philby, Guy Burgess and Donald Maclean?   
A17) Anthony Blunt. 

Q18) Francis Walsingham acted as spymaster for which English monarch?   
A18) Elizabeth 1.

Q19) Who succeeded Roger Moore as James Bond in 1987?   
A19) Timothy Dalton. 

Q20) What is the name of the boy spy created by Anthony Horowitz?   
A20) Alex Rider.


Q21) What are the ingredients of a Black Russian: vodka, and what?   
A21) Either Kalhua, Tia Maria: or other coffee liqueur.

Q22) Football club Norwich city’s catering facilities have been criticised by health chiefs and they have ordered improvements. Who is Norwich City’s famous culinary share holder?   
A22) Delia Smith.

Q23) Which popular food item has recently been modified by scientists so that it now tells you - via an invisible ink logo - how far it is cooked?   
A23) Eggs.

Q24) What are a pigs feet called?   
A24) Trotters.

Q25) Healthy eating has created a huge demand for Rhubarb: is Rhubarb a fruit or a Vegetable?   
A25) A vegetable.

Q26) In fruit, which pear has the most protein?   
A26) Avocado.

Q27) What’s another name for albumen: egg-white, egg yolk, or egg shell?   
A27) Eggwhite.

Q28) Which is the first product to have had a bar code: Mars bars, Wrigley’s Chewing Gum or Cadbury’s Crème Egg?   
A28) Wrigley’s gum.

Q29) Which chef wrote Humble Pie?   
A29) Gordon Ramsay.

Q30) Which colour wine do scientists say is good for your gums?   
A30) Red.


Q31) What is the last book of the Bible?   
A31) Revelations.

Q32) Which book of the Old Testament tells the story of the departure of the Isrælites from slavery in Egypt?   
A32) Exodus.

Q33) What name is given to the study of religious doctrine?   
A33) Theology.

Q34) In the bible, who was the father of Shem, Ham and Japeth?   
A34) Noah.

Q35) Which of Moses brothers made the Golden Calf?   
A35) Aaron.

Q36) According to the Old Testament, who was commanded to sacrifice his son Isaac?   
A36) Abraham.

Q37) In the Old Testament of the Bible, who is the second son of Adam and Eve?   
A37) Abel.

Q38) In the Old Testament in what did the Isrælites keep the two tablets of the Law?   
A38) The Ark of The Covenant.

Q39) Who was the first King of Isræl according to the Bible?   
A39) King Saul.

Q40) Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count … what?   
A40) The Number of the Beast. (from the Book of Revelations relating to the antichrist).


Q41) What kind of crab shelters in the discarded shells of other animals?   
A41) The hermit crab.

Q42) Pregnant women attract double the number of mosquitoes that other women do - true or false?   
A42) True.

Q43) What was the name of the horse ridden by Roy Rogers?   
A43) Trigger.

Q44) Who wrote the poems on which Andrew Lloyd Wcbber’s musical Cats was based?   
A44) T. S. Eliot.

Q45) Singer, Gracie Fields, claimed to have the world’s largest example of which plant?   (Bonus for the name of the song!)   
A45) The aspidistra: in her song The Biggest Aspidistra in the World.

Q46) Penguins fall over backwards when looking upwards at an aeroplane flying overhead: true or false?   
A46) False.

Q47) Against whom was the so-called Cat and Mouse Act 1913 aimed?   
A47) The Suffragettes.

Q48) Who sang vocals with The Animals?   
A48) Eric Burdon. 

Q49) Which biblical character was swallowed by a whale?   
A49) Jonah.

Q50) Who released an album called Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants?   
A50) Stevie Wonder.


Q51) What was Paul Young’s only UK No. 1, in 1983?   
A51) Wherever I Lay My Hat.

Q52) Which of Shakespeare’s character’s delivers the famous ‘To be or not be…’ monologue?   (Extra point for the rest of that first line.)   
A52) Hamlet.   (‘…that is the question.’)

Q53) The Harlem Globetrotter’s are famous in which sport?   
A53) Basketball.

Q54) Who’s older, Richard Branson or William Hague?   
A54) Richard Branson.

Q55) Stamp duty is usually paid on the sale of what?   
A55) A house.

Q56) Where is the Ceremony of the Keys usually held, each?   
A56) The Tower of London.

Q57) Who wears a Chasuble.   
A57) A priest.

Q58) Is BST ahead of, or behind, GMT?   
A58) Ahead

Q59) What’s notable about the staff & patients of the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital?   
A59) They’re all women.

Q60) How many valves does a Bugle have?   
A60) None.

Enjoy those, everyone: I’ll catch you all later … 

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