Sunday, 27 April 2014

Ender’s Game — Mark Kermode Was Right …

26th April, 2014.
Yeah … 

OK … 

That’s possibly one way to open a post about a film: with that sort of title.

Mentioning a film: and a film critic in the title of a post about a film.

But … ?

Well, I’ve just seen the rented the recent DVD release, the Gavin Hood film, Ender’s Game, which starred Asa Butterfield and Harrison Ford.

And think that critic, Mark Kermode has a good point to make, in the various reviews he’s done of it.

Somewhere in the competently done Ender’s Game, are some interesting ideas.

Hmmm … I think I’ll sleep on that.   I can maybe tell you why I agree, when my eyeballs have stopped aching … !

27th April, 2014.
OK, OK … !   I meant to get started on this, this morning: rather than this EVENING!

What can I tell you … ?

Or say … ?

Apart from apologise, that is … ?

Oh …

And tell you I’ve just had a lot at the various statistics that Google provides me: which includes a list of countries where most of my readers are.

If I’ve read them correctly … ?

Well, most of my audience is in the US.   Thank you, America, I’m grateful, and appreciative.

The second biggest … ?   Is here in the UK: thank you, everyone!

The real oddity is the country in third place.

It’s the Ukraine.

Thank you, Ukraine.

I’m both surprised — very surprised —and very grateful.

Although I wish I could say so in Ukrainian!   You’ll take the thought as the deed, I hope.

I can only hope events in the country leave it relatively unscathed.


At ANY rate … ?

At any rate, I was going to carry on telling you about last night’s film, wasn’t I … ?

The 2013, Gavin Hood directed Sci-fi feature, Ender’s Game.

Based on the Orson Scott Card novel of the same name, Ender’s Game sees Asa Butterfield as title character, Ender Wiggin: an unusually gifted child in training — in various space stations — for a heavily anticipated invasion.

One anticipated by Colonel Hyrum Graff — Harrison Ford — who has high hopes for Ender’s future as a commander in Earth’s battle against the Formics: the aliens who nearly destroyed Earth, 50 years earlier, and who Earth’s space fleet are trying to destroy.

Trying …

And succeeding, as, part way through Ender’s Game, we find that the last simulation Ender and his friends have to face, isn’t a simulation.

Ender and his team are effectively tricked into committing genocide … … … …

28th April, 2014.
Blimey, a THIRD day … ?

Yeah … it’s been that sort of few days

Including the information I got, Saturday night.   I’ve got an interview, this coming Wednesday!

Which, given I had to go to Basildon, today, anyway … ?

Meant the least I could do, was pick up a new pair of trousers and a shirt, from BHS, would you believe?   Possibly the only place I could get a pair of trousers to fit.   Off-the-peg, I should add!


At any rate … ?

You’ll notice I state I think Mark Kermode was right in his description of Ender’s Game.

If I’ve understood him correctly … ?

He’s thinking it’s an interesting film.  Not perfect, but interesting.   Essentially reminding us that many armies rely on one simple thing to do their job.

They turn young men — very young men, in Ender’s case — into psychotic killers.

There’s a very illustrative quote, from just after the big event, I think that says it better than I could, though.

Colonel Graff, in no uncertain terms, tells Ender “We won! That’s all that matters.”

Ender simply replies “No. The way we win matters.”

Now, I realise many gay science fiction fans will — understandably — disagree, when I say this.

But I feel that whatever one thinks of Orson Scott Card’s view of gay marriage — I find his view to be old fashioned, to say the least — this version of his classic novel† … ?

Well, I’m with Mr Kermode, here: it certainly warrants a look.
Ender’s Game

†        Something I think of as Fry Thinking.   Bless, Stephen Fry — national treasure, comedian, actor,  — did a documentary, a fews ago, now: about Richard Wagner‡.   Mr Fry’s a fan of Wagner: but being Jewish, very aware the guy had a reputation as an anti-semite, and was idolised by Adolf Hitler.   I know I came away with the view that Mr Fry came away with had taken a long time to form his views: that the stains on the tapestry can’t be ignored, but have to be viewed as PART of the thing.

I just hope that makes sense … !

‡        The documentary’s called Wagner and Me: and right now, I’m thinking I want to track down a copy.   I think I’d like to review the piece, and Stephen Fry’s views on how to reconcile liking an artist’s work: while finding the artist, or their politics, objectionable.


carly burns said...

Enders game is a great film with some fantastic acting from the lead character. Im hoping and believe we'll be seeing more of him in the future. The storyline was great and just like a gripping book I was eager to know what was going to happen next. It wasn't a predictable cliché and I'll be watching it again today definitely 8/10

Nik Nak said...

Actually, pointless trivia for you, Carly: Asa Butterfield, who played Ender … ?

Popped up in BBC tv version of Merlin, as a very young Mordred.

Just so you know … !!