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The Friday Question Set — 4-4-2014

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It has to be said, I’m actually feeling slightly … well … slightly rushed.

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Because I’ve left it a bit late to put up today’s Friday Question Set.

AND want to try and catch a film.

AND … ?   Well, I would insist on all this: whilst doing dinner … !

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At any rate, let’s get moving on and posting up this week’s Friday Question Set, shall we?

Here’s this week’s, covered by the usual Creative Commons License*
Online 245
Q1) The Virgina Tech School shooting was the USA’s biggest school shooting.   In which year of the 21st Century was it … ?
A1) 2007.
Q2) How many sides does a one hundred sided dice have?
Q2) Either 10, 20 or or one hundred: depending on the one bought.
Q3) E330 is better known as which fruity acid?
Q4) True or False: the boiling point of water increases with altitude.
A4) False.   It decreases.
Q5) The Shoguns were military dictators in which Asian country?
A5) Japan.
Q6) 12, Downing Street is home to which government office?
A6) The Chief Whip’s.
Q7) Aston Villa first won the FA Cup when: 1887, 1897 or 1907?
A7) 1887.
Q8) Dolly Parton was born in which year of the 1940s?
A8) 1946.
Q9) What was Bakelite: the first commercial plastic, a cake decoration or a brand of bread?
A9) The first commercial plastic.
Q10) Cameron Diaz, & Drew Barrymore: who’s the missing Charlie’s Angels?
A10) Lucy Liu.
Q11) What nationality was motoring pioneer, Gottlieb Daimler?
A11) German.
Q12) What was invented by André & Edoard Michelin?
A12) Tyres.
Q13) What type of pen did Lewis Waterman invent?
A13) The fountain pen.
Q14) Which semi-aquatic air cushioned vehicle did Christopher Cockerill invent?
A14) The Hovercraft.
Q15) Which aircraft engine did Sir Frank Whittle invent?
A15) The Jet engine.
Q16) Dr William Kellogg invented the Cornflake: what ‘K’ was his middle name?
A16) Keith.
Q17) In which which source of energy were Volta, and Ampère pioneers?
A17) Electricity.
Q18) Which Japanese electronics giant had the advertising slogan, “Small is Beautiful” and famously invented the Walkman?
A18) Sony.
Q19) American Express invented which tourist’s essential?
A19) Traveller’s cheques.
Q20) George Eastman invented an easy to use, hand-held … what?
A20) Camera.
Q21) Whose religious figure’s birth shaped the western world’s calendar?
A21) Jesus Christ’s.
Q22) Which South American country has the world’s largest number of Roman Catholic’s?
A22) Brazil.
Q23) Which movement promotes understanding between different branches of the Christian faith?
A23) The Ecumenical movement.
Q24) Members of the Watchtower Movement are better known how?
A24) Jehovah’s Witnesses.
Q25) Which Army’s  newspaper is called The Warcry?
A25) The Salvation Army.
Q26) During which month of the Islamic calendar do Muslims have to fast between sunrise and sunset?
A26) Ramadan.
Q27) What’s the Islamic term for ‘Holy War’?
A27) Jihad.
Q28) And what’s the Christian equivalent?
A28) Crusade.
Q29) Which Eastern religion is based on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama
A29) Buddhism
Q30) Queen singer, Freddie Mercury, was a member of which Persian religion?
A30) Zoroastrianism.   (Also known as Parseeism.)
Q31) During the 1990s, how many number 1’s did Madonna have
A31) Two.
Q32) John Lennon’s second No. 1 was a month after his first: what was it called?
A32) Woman.
Q33) What Queen song was the first to be a UK number 1, on two different occasions?
A33) Bohemian Rhapsody.
Q34) Gareth Gates had a UK No 1 hit, with Unchained Melody: but was he the second, third or forth act to do so?
A34) Forth.
Q35) Kylie Minogue, & Johnny Nash both had a No. 1 hit with two diferrent songs, with the same title: what was the title?
A35) Tears On My Pillow.
Q36) How many singles were number 1, in 2003?
A36) 23.
Q37) Elton John’s first number 1 was in 1971; - in which year of the 1990’s was his first solo number?   (Bonus point for naming it.)
A37) 1990.   (Sacrifice.)
Q38) Which band had a № 1, with Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not?
A38) The Arctic Monkeys.   (Play fair, I didn’t say № 1 single)
Q39) Which novelty record, by an Australian, was the first number 1 of the 70s?
A39) Two Little Boys.
Q40) Gerry Marsden had Number 1’s with two groups: name one of them.   (Two points for both?)
A40) The Pacemakers, and The Crowd.
Q41) Which two international Cricket teams contest The Ashes?
A41) England & Australia.
Q42) What team are known as the Gunners?
A42) Arsenal.
Q43) Which football team play their home games at Ewood Park?
A43) Blackburn Rovers.
Q44) Which horse won the Grand National three times, during the 70s?
A44) Red Rum.
Q45) Again, during the 70s, which golfing Tony won the US Open?
A45) Tony Jacklin.
Q46) Who, during the 80s, fought back from cancer, to ride the winning horse, at the Grand National?
A46) Bob Champion.
Q47) In cricket, how many runs are scored in a Maiden over?
A47) None.
Q48) In American Football, what does NFL stand for?
A48) National Football League.
Q49) Who were the first team to win the Superbowl two year’s in succession, twice?
A49) The Pittsburgh Steelers.
Q50) Which Blackburn Rovers player played for the USA, in the 2002 World Cup?
A50) Bud Friedel.
Q51) True or false: South Africa is the world’s largest producer of Chromium.
A51) True.
Q52) According to Karl Marx, religion is the opium of the … what?
A52) People.
Q53) In which South American country would you find Patagonia?
A53) Argentina.
Q54) Two figures are regarded as personifying Britain: name either.   (Two points for both.)
A54) John Bull and Britannia.
Q55) What connects a muscle to a bone?
A55) A tendon.
Q56) What’s the highest level of degree universities award?
A56) A doctorate.
Q57) Which actor appeared in Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid, and The Sting and had his own range of sauces?
Q58) What’s the currency of India?
A58) The rupee.
Q59) Lisbon is the capital of which European country?
A59) Portugal.
Q60) Who was British Prime Minister between 1951 and 1955?
Enjoy those: I’ll catch you later.

*        As you’re possibly new … all it means is that you’re free to copy, use, alter and build on each of my quizzes: including the Teasers, Gazette Teasers and the Friday Question Sets.   All I ask in return is that you give me an original authors credit on your event’s flyers or posters, or on the night: and, if you republish them, give me an original authors credit AND republish under the same license.   A link back to the site — and to the Gazette’s, if that’s where you’ve found these — would be appreciated.

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