Sunday, 6 April 2014

Strange Days: Worth The Wait

4th April, 2014.

Hmmm … 

That’s possibly going to start an argument: if you watch the BBC news reports, that is.

Princess Anne — the Queen’s only daughter, and Prince Charles sister — has been interviewed for the Countryfile show that get’s an airing, tomorrow night.

And thinks gassing badgers is a better way to deal with bovine TB, than shooting them.

Badgers, that is.

And happily admits to having eaten horsemeat.

Well, don’t look at me.

I don’t have a huge farm in Gloucestershire, either … !


At ANY rate … ?

At any rate, that’s not what I meant to tell you about.


I’ve actually managed to take five minutes out of a busy schedule to — as you’s possibly half guessed — watch a movie … !

One I’ve been meaning to try and catch for some time, now.

The 1995, Kathryn Bigelow directed piece that is Strange Days.

Hmmm … 

It’s getting late.

I’ll think I’ll add more to this post in the morning … !


6th April, 2014.

OK, OK … !

I meant to get back, started on this, yesterday morning!

What can I say … ?

Well … apart the fact I’ve been busily writing teasers, doing the videos, AND heading out for the (new) branch of Games Workshop that’s opened in town.

And, and briefly catching up with Children of Earth.

Either way … ?

Either way, I wanted to get back to telling you about the film I caught on Friday: the 1995, Kathryn Bigelow directed, science fiction piece that is Strange Days.

And frankly … ?

I have to admit to being both pleased at, and impressed by, the film.


Set in alternative 1999, Strange Days sees Ralph Fiennes as Lenny Nero, a former policeman who now makes a living dealing in SQUIDS*†, bootleg recordings of all five human senses, during moments of intense emotion: robberies, rough sex, jumping off buildings, what-have-you.

At the start of the film, Lenny’s negotiating with Tick, his usual supplier: over the price of some slightly  dodgier than usual recordings.

It’s only after he has a drank with old friends Max (Tom Sizemore) and Mace (Angela Bassett), that he receives an anonymous recording, showing the rape and murder of another friend — hooker, Iris.

Lenny starts getting more snuff.

Including the incendiary one of the death of rap star, Jeriko One, at the hands of corrupt LA police: something it seems Iris both witnesses.

And was recording on a SQUID headset.

I think any of us who can remember the Rodney King beatings would realise quite how explosive something like that could be.

At ANY rate, that’s only where Lenny’s trouble’s start.

Not only has Iris been killed.

It ’s starting to look like Lenny’s ex-girlfriend, Faith — Juliet Lewis — is involved.

As is her new boyfriend, Philo, played by Michæl Wincott.

All that … ?

All that and the ever capable Mace could well have something to tell him.

You can tell it’s going to be a BAD New Year’s Eve, can’t you … ?


Now … 

Good … ?

I think I can safely say, “Yes … !”


This is a fantastically fun piece of work: with some stand out performances from its main cast.

Ralph Fiennes made for a suitably sleazy illegal recreationals dealer: with both Sizemore, Wincott and Lewis as suitable high tech, lowlife characters.

Standing out for me, though … ?

Was Angela Bassett, as Mace: it’s not THAT often you see a strong female character who’s ALSO  incredibly intelligent, AND capable of packing a punch.

A mean right hook, actually!

It’s also one I personally found both well written — James Cameron, Bigelow’s former husband, putting in some work, there — and well-directed.

With all that … ?

I think I owe Gwen a huge vote of thanks for loaning me her copy.

And a big thumbs down for Apple and the UK iTunes Store, for not having it available to rent.

Tish, tish.
Strange Days.

*        A Superconducting Quantum Interference Device in other words.   The name has been brought to you, courtesy of the Ministry Of Silly Acronyms.

†        It’s something like portable versions of the recording kit that’s the central McGuffin in Brainstorm

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