Friday, 19 December 2014

Scam, scam, Scam, scam …

You know, over the years, I’ve written about technology.

Admittedly, not much: as, non-professional that I am, there’s little I can say, beyond ‘Oh, look what I can do.’

Or, ‘Wow, look what I got!’

Oh, and ‘Look out for this lot …’

Frankly … ?

That’s something I’ve not done for a while: but think I now should.


Do you remember — a while back, now — that I wrote of what I called the Comantra Scam?

Basically, you’d get a phone call from a company, claiming to have detected problems with your PC: and to be able to remotely fix it.

They do little: except by tricking you into downloading either a virus, or extremely iffy software.

And THEN charging you a fortune to remove it.

I even had a few calls like it, myself: they tended to get a bit strange, when I told them I had a Mac.

At ANY rate … ?

It’s happened … and then gone quiet.

So I noted, with a certain amount of interest, that one man had been arrested for running one of these scams.

All good.

It doesn’t solve the problem of the tons of others out there: but it’s a start.


Having kept my eyes open for more on the story, though … ?

I couldn’t help but notice this piece of news.

Basically … ?

Microsoft have announced they’ll be suing the people that do this kind of scam.

Whether it works … ?

Well, I don’t know.

Here’s hoping it does, though: it could well provide a disincentive.

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