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The Friday Question Set — 26-12-2014

Hmmm … 

Well, that’s the Christmas rush over with.

Well, I say Christmas … it ALSO included my nephew’s Birthday, today: which featured a hell of a lot of Ninja Turtles.

Can’t THINK why … !

At ANY rate … ?

At any rate, that, hopefully explains why’ve not not put in the usual links with this week’s Friday Question Set.

Hopefully, though … ?

Hope, that should be two much of a problem for those of you who are better researchers than I am … !

So … ?

With that said, here’s this week’s Friday Question Set: covered by the usual Creative Commons License*

Online 278

Q1) Three saint’s crosses’ are used on the Union flag: name any of them?
A1) Saint Patrick, Saint Andrew, & Saint George.

Q2) Which actor’s nickname was ‘the Little Tramp’?
Q2) Charlie Chaplin.

Q3) What brass instrument did Glenn Miller play?
A3) The Trombone.

Q4) In what year was President Clinton inaugurated for the second time?
A4) 1997 (Elected in 1996).

Q5) What food are Ben & Jerry known for?
A5) Ice Cream.

Q6) In 1974, Cumberland and Westmorland became which new county?
A6) Cumbria.

Q7) Leo covers 2 calendar months: name either.
A7) July and August.

Q8) Jim Davis invented which cartoon cat?
A8) Garfield.

Q9) What colour is the contestant’s chair, in Mastermind?
A9) Black.

Q10) The CPRE is the Council for the Preservation of what?
A10) Rural England.


Q11) In which decade did the UK driving test 1st include a written section? 
A11) The 1990s. 

Q12) What palindromic name is given to an Eskimo canoe? 
A12) A Kayak. 

Q13) What name is given to a cigar shaped airship? 
A13) Zeppelin. 

Q14) E is the international registration letter of which European country? 
A14) Spain. 

Q15) In the old music hall song, “my old man said follow the … ” what? 
A15) Van. 

Q16) A Chinook is what kind of vehicle? 
A16) A helicopter. 

Q17) On the London tube map, what colour is the Circle Line? 
A17) Yellow. 

Q18) What is usual colour of an aeroplane’s Black Box? 
A18) Orange. 

Q19) Standing on the deck of a ship, and facing the bow, what side of the ship is starboard?
A19) The right-hand side.

Q20) The Boeing 747 is usually known as what? 
A20) The Jumbo Jet.


Q21) In which country did Karaoke originate? 
A21) Japan. 

Q22) The Sealed Knot Society re-enacts battles from which war? 
A22) The Civil War. 

Q23) How many pieces are on a chessboard at the start of a game? 
A23) 32. 

Q24) Which race-course has a Royal Enclosure? 
A24) Ascot. 

Q25) What colour are the hotels in the standard version of Monopoly? 
A25) Red.

Q26) What is the term for the most comprehensive win possible in a of backgammon? 
A26) A backgammon. 

Q27) In which London street was the 1st Virgin Record Shop opened? 
A27) Oxford Street. 

Q28) Which country singer opened a theme park called Dollywood? 
A28) Dolly Parton. 

Q29) In a game of Skittles how many pins have to be knocked down? 
A29) Nine.

Q30) What sport is played at Hurlingham? 
A30) Polo.


Q31) What type of animals are kept in an aviary? 
A31) Birds.

Q32) What is a natterjack: a frog, a toad or a newt? 
A32) A toad.

Q33) What’s the term used for a camel with only one hump? 
A33) Dromedary. 

Q34) Arachnids are better known as which insect-like creature? 
A34) Spiders.

Q35) The wallaby, kangaroo and Wombat, are all what kind of mammal? 
A35) Marsupial.

Q36) The orang-utan is what: a monkey, or an ape? 
A36) An ape.

Q37) The slaughter of which sea creature was finally banned in 1985? 
A37) Whales.

Q38) Amber is the fossilised sap of which tree? 
A38) The pine.

Q39) What does a tadpole turn into? 
A39) A frog.

Q40) What’s a baby swan called? 
A40) A cygnet.


Q41) Whose True Blue LP was number in 28 countries?
A41) Madonna.

Q42) What was the Spice girls’ first Number 1?
A42) Wannabe.

Q43) What Frank Sinatra hit has spent most weeks in the UK charts?
A43) My Way.

Q44) Duets featuring Elvis Presley have spent how many weeks in the charts? 
A44) None.

Q45) Love Me For A Reason charted for the Osmonds and which Irish boy band?
A45) Boyzone.

Q46) Which solo British act has spent most weeks in the UK charts?
A46) Cliff Richard.

Q47) One hit wonders Aqua, came from which Scandinavian country?
A47) Denmark.

Q48) Who’s the most successful Australian female in the UK charts: Kylie Minogue, Olivia Newton John or Natalie Imbruglia?
A48) Kylie Minogue.

Q49) Who’s spent more weeks in the UK charts: the Rolling Stones or Status Quo?
A49) Status Quo.

Q50) Who had a hit with a cover of Frank & Nancy Sinatra’s Something Stupid?
A50) Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman.


Q51) Gatophobia is the unreasoning fear of animal?
A51) Cats.

Q52) The Spanish Grand Prix is held on the outskirts of which city?
A52) Barcelona.

Q53) Who had a 70’s number one with Double Barrel: Bob Marley, Dave & Ansill Collins, or Bootsy Collins?
A53) Dave & Ansill Collins.

Q54) In what month is Christmas, in Australia?
A54) December.

Q55) Which 80’s band had hits with Victims and Church of the Poisoned Mind?
A55) Culture Club.

Q56) Which Great Train Robber was featured in The Great Rock and Roll Swindle?
A56) Ronnie Biggs.

Q57) In the standard UK version of Monopoly, how much does it cost to buy Bow Street?
A57) £180.00

Q58) Mohammed Reza Pahlevi was the last royal ruler of which middle eastern country?
A58) Iran.   He was the last Shah.

Q59) What are the odds of rolling a ten, with two six sided dice, 10 to 1, 11 to 1 or 12 to 1?
A59) 11 to 1.

Q60) Who became the first team to lose four consecutive Charity Shields?
A60) Manchester United.

Enjoy those: I’ll catch you next time … !

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