Wednesday, 24 December 2014

The Daily Teaser — 24-12-2014: Christmas Eve — The Christmas Truce

You know, I think we can definitely say “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas,” right now.

Or, at least, here in the UK.


It’s officially going to be sunny, today.

Although, when I got up, it was raining.

The one thing I can safely say … ?

Is that, if you had money on there being a white Christmas?   I’d say you’ve wasted it … !

Now … 

Let’s get a move on, shall we?


Yesterday’s Teaser saw Debbi* putting in her answers: and scoring five out of five.

Let’s see how everyone does with today’s Christmas Truce questions, shall we?

Here they are, along with the How ToLicense and video

Q1) During WW1, 24th December, 1914, saw the start of the Christmas Truce.   In which Belgian town?
Q2) Reportedly, many squaddies played what, during the Truce?
Q3) Some of the opposing armies sang a well known Christmas Carol, that day.   Which Carol?
Q4) The non-aggression that the Truce inspired was called ‘Live and Let …’ what?
Q5) Which song — by The Farm — was inspired by the truce?
Q6) One of the last known survivors of the Truce — Bertie Felstead — died in which year: 2000, 2001 or 2002?
Q7) Which 1969 film depicts the Truce?
Q8) A character in the last series of BlackadderBlackadder Goes Forth — was involved in the Christmas Truce.   Which character?
Q9) The video for Paul McCartney’s Pipes of Peace depicts the Truce.   In which year was Pipes of Peace released?
Q10) Finally … 2014 saw a memorial to the Truce opened, in the UK’s National Memorial Arboretum.   The Arboretum is in which English county?
Here’s yesterday’s and answers …
Q1) 23rd December, 1893, saw the premiere of Engelbert Humperdinck’s opera, Hänsel und Gretel.   The libretto was written by Humperdinck’s sister: and based on a fairy tale collected by whom?

A1) The Brothers Grimm.
Q2) 23rd December, 1919, saw the UK’s Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act 1919 become law: outlawing someone’s removal from public office on the grounds of gender or marriage.   Becoming law in the UK, means receiving the royal what?

A2) Royal Assent.
Q3) 23rd December, 1938, saw the re-discovery of the Coelacanth: off the coast of South Africa.   The fish had thought to have become extinct, when: the late Cretaceous, late Jurassic or late Triassic.

A3) The late Cretaceous.
Q4) 23rd December, 2013, saw the death of Lieutenant-General Mikhail Kalashnikov.   What was his best known military invention?

A4) The AK-47.
Q5) Finally … In Oaxaca1 City, 23rd December is the Night of the Radishes.   Oaxaca is in which central American country?

A5) Mexico.
I’ll leave you with this song … 

And this observation …
“The last I saw was one of my machine gunners, who was a bit of an amateur hairdresser in civil life, cutting the unnaturally long hair of a docile Boche, who was patiently kneeling on the ground whilst the automatic clippers crept up the back of his neck.”

Humourist, Bruce Bairnsfeather, who’d been a Captain in WW1, and who was in the Truce.
Enjoy Christmas Eve.

And remember the Truce …

*        I know you will, Debbi!   :D   (What annoys me is the companies who make major office suites, and delay the Mac version by up to a year.   Mentioning no (MICROSOFT) brand-names, here, obviously.   I mean, come on, Rockstar Games can do it … )

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Debbi said...

Yes, it's ridiculous, huh?

1. Saint-Yves
2. football
3. O Holy Night (??)
4. Live
5. All Together Now
6. 2001
7. Oh! What A Lovely War
8. Edmund Blackadder
9. 1983
10. Staffordshire

Merry Christmas to you and yours!