Tuesday, 6 January 2015

In The Mouth Of Madness: That’s An Experience … !

In The Mouth Of Madness
5th January, 2015.

Hmmm … 

That’s … frustrating … 

I’ve been watching a movie, tonight: and patient letting my computer back up to an internal hard drive.

Which — for some reason — is now, suddenly full!

Oh, at least, not backing up, as Time Machine suddenly need more space than it used to, under Snow Leopard.

Money being what it is … ?

I can’t actually afford the £60 to buy a new internal drive of the size my machines telling me it needs.


Especially when you consider I HAD the money … 

And had to spend it on the extra drive — and the associated carrier — in the first place … !

Effectively, if you’ve got £60 you can spare … ?   I’d LOVE to hear from you … !

That’s if moving my iPhoto library doesn’t work*!


Of course, that’s not why I started this post.

Good LORD, no!

I actually had all this going on, whilst I was — wait for it! — watching a film.

Something I’d not done in a while.

After all, Christmas is a time of giving and receiving.

The subsequent New Year festivities being a time of fun, frivolity and … well, hard work, frankly, if you’re in the hospitality trade in any way.

Either’s exhausting with a nephew like mine!

So … ?   I’ve credit in my iTunes account.   I’ve time: especially with the post Christmas hours reduction, and Teasers dine.

And, with Gotham on mid-season hiatus?

Tonight was bare of any entertainment.

Until I took a browse through what the UK iTunes store to see what they had on offer.

Several things caught my eye.

The film I rented … ?

The film I eventually rented was the 1994, John Carpenter piece, In The Mouth Of Madness.

Lord knows what you’ll make of it.

I found it … 

Well, damn odd, actually … 


Set in the (then) present day, In The Mouth Of Madness follows John Trent — Sam Neill — as he’s incarcerated in an American psychiatric hospital: and persuaded to tell his story to Dr Wrenn†.

It seems Trent was a competent — very competent — insurance fraud investigator: called in by an old friend to check on the whereabouts of Sutter Cane‡, a noted horror writer.

It’s only as we’re introduced to Linda Stiles — Julie Carmen — we find out that Cane is outselling the likes of Stephen King.

And seems to have vanished.

AND seems to have written a body of work capable of driving its readers start raving bonkers.

It’s only after all this, that Trent starts reading Cane’s work.

Reading it … and having nightmares … 

AND realising that in the covers, Cane has (visually) told everyone exactly where he’s hidden himself, in New Hampshire.

It’s only when Trent and Stiles get there, after an especially nasty trip … ?

That the trouble really gets going.


Now, did I like In The Mouth Of Madness?


Unreservedly, yes.

I do know a part of that … ?   Was spotting some of the Lovecraft references buried in there: the hotel our heroes stay in is called ‘Pickman’s’, minor character’s are changing into hideous tentacled THINGS, insanity happens to others as a result of the plot … 

And frankly?

The title itself is suggestive of a Lovecraft story.

One can’t help be a touch geeky about these things, can one?

I do know, though, that In The Mouth Of Madness is not going to be for everyone.

I enjoyed it.

But there’s definitely an odd feel to the film that I suspect many will find just a touch unpalatable: if not outright off-putting.

Personally?   I can live with that: others might not.

I’d give it a rent, before you buy..
In The Mouth Of Madness.


*        Phew!   Panic over, for now: moving my iPhoto library to an external disk worked out for me.   However, it’s not something I like doing.

†        Played by David Warner.

‡        Jürgen Prochnow.

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