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The Friday Question Set — 2-1-2015

Weird … 

Did I tell you I got an external blu-ray drive for Christmas?

I got an external blu-ray drive for Christmas.   So you know.

Which happily let’s my rip my blu-ray collection to my hard drive — or collection of them, I should say — so that I can watch them on other devices.

Or stream them to my Apple TV.

So you know, I use MakeMKV to turn the blu-rays into .mkv files: then recode them into mp4s with HandBrake.

With the quirk that every file shoes the same name: unchangeable by the usual renaming process under OS X.

Awkward: until a quick Google search found MetaZ: a handy little metadata editor that’s corrected the issue with the files I’ve ripped, so far.



At ANY rate … ?

At ANY rate, listening to me banging on about video transcoding is NOT why you’re here.


You’re here because you need a question set in a hurry.

Without much further ado, here’s this weeks Friday Question Set: covered by the usual Creative Commons License* … 

Online 279

Q1) Glastonbury is in which English county?
A1) Somerset.

Q2) Which of the Solar System’s objects is studied by a heliologist?
Q2) The Sun.

Q3) In which Italian city would you find the Doge’s Palace?
A3) Venice.

Q4) Frank Hampson was the creator of which comic book character: Judge Dredd, Dan Dare or Superman?
A4) Dan Dare.

Q5) Who, in the Bible, was the father of Enoch: Cain, Abel or Moses?
A5) Cain.

Q6) In the Chinese calendar, what year follows the Year of The Dragon?

Q7) A young turkey is a poult, and a female one, a hen.  But what is the name of a male turkey?
A7) A Tom.

Q8) Ephebophobia is a fear of what?
A8) Teenagers.

Q9) The kingdom of Siam is now better known as which far eastern country?
A9) Thailand.

Q10) Anna Sewell famously wrote which novel?


Q11) Which famous American politician invented bifocals: George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, or Abraham Lincoln?
A11) Benjamin Franklin.

Q12) Dipsophobia is a fear of what: drinking, roller-coasters, or dinosaurs?
A12) Drinking.

Q13) What’s the opposite of alkali?
A13) Acid.

Q14) How many legs doe a male insect have?
A14) Six: same as a female one.

Q15) What does an entomologist study: insects, cheese or mammals?
A15) Insects.

Q16) Which planet is closest to the sun?
A16) Mercury.

Q17) Which Helen became the first British woman in space?
A17) Helen Sharman.

Q18) Which Big theory explains the formation of the universe?
A18) The Big Bang Theory.

Q19) Alphabetically, what’s the last planet in our solar system?
A19) Venus.

Q20) What did the Soviet Union call its 1st nuclear powered ship, Lenin, Marx, or Stalin?
A20) Lenin.


Q21) What do beavers build?
A21) Dams.   (Oh, and lodges: that’s the name of their homes)

Q22) What type of creature is a Pacific sea wasp?
A22) A jellyfish.

Q23) On TV, what kind of creature was Flipper?
A23) A dolphin.

Q24) At what age does a filly get class as a mare?
A24) Five years old.

Q25) The Americans call it a moose: in Europe it’s called what?
A25) Elk.

Q26) How is the auracaria tree more commonly known?
A26) Monkey Puzzle.

Q27) Molly Kelly’s nine-week journey across the Australian outback in 1931 inspired which film?
A27) Rabbit Proof Fence.

Q28) Which country does the shih tzu dog, come from?
A28) China.

Q29) The film and book Ring of Bright Water was about what kind of creature?
A29) An otter.

Q30) The ibex is a member of which animal family?
A30) Goat.


Q31) Marmalade stems from the Portugese word ‘Marmelo’. What is Marmelo a: mango, an  orange or a quince?
A31) Quince.

Q32) In which country did the Ayatollah Khomeini seize control in 1979?
A32) Iran.

Q33) What is the post code known as in America?
A33) The zip code.

Q34) Which is the only country that occupies an entire continent?
A34) Australia.

Q35) How is Kampuchea now known?
A35) Cambodia.

Q36) Which state most recently became part of the USA?
A36) Hawaii.

Q37) In which country is the city of Bulawayo?
A37) Zimbabwe.

Q38) What does the Great Barrier Reef consist of?
A38) Coral.

Q39) What is the heavy rain of summer called in Asia?
A39) Monsoon.

Q40) Which American state does cajun music come from?
A40) Louisiana.


Q41) Len Goodman, Darcy Bussell, Bruno Tonioli and Craig Revel Horwood are judges: in which television talent show?
A41) Strictly Come Dancing.

Q42) Where was television’s Bergerac set?
A42) Jersey.

Q43) What did Bo and Luke Duke call their car?
A43) The General Lee.

Q44) What innovation was introduced to British tv, in 1967?
A44) Colour.

Q45) Which satellite sent the first live TV transmission between America and Europe?
A45) Telstar.

Q46) At which bar does Homer Simpson drink?
A46) Moe’s

Q47) TV funnyman, Russell Roberts is better known how?
A47) Russ Abbot.

Q48) Which TV programme began broadcasting daily on July 29th, 1949?
A48) The weatherforecast.

Q49) Richard Whiteley, Des Lynam, and Nick Hewer, have all presented which Channel Four’s show?
A49) Countdown.

Q50) Who provided the narrator’s voice in the comedy series Little Britain?
A50) Tom Baker.


Q51) Hæmatophobia is a fear of what substance?
A51) Blood.

Q52) The Solidus is the correct name for which punctuation mark: the forward slash, the backward slash or the question mark?
A52) The forward slash.

Q53) Who is older, Bill Wyman, or the Prince of Wales?
A53) Bill Wyman.

Q54) Who wanted the head of John the Baptist?
A54) Salome.

Q55) Roberta, Phyllis and Peter were better known as what?

Q56) Malcolm Little was better known as which political activist?
A56) Malcolm X.

Q57) Srinagar is in which country … ?
A57) India.

Q58) Joseph Glidden was the first person to manufactor what: barbed wire, the microwave oven or a spud gun?

Q59) What sort of religious building takes its name from the Greek word for seat: a mosque, a cathedral or a synagogue?
A59) A cathedral.

Q60) Which musical instrument is the largest member of the tuba family?
A60) The Sousaphone.

Enjoy those: I’ll catch you next time … !

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