Sunday, 21 June 2015

Humans — Episode 2: 21-6-2015

21st June, 2015.

You know, I really do like to catch a film, every now and again.

Really, I do.

But, with-in the past few months?

Well, within the past few months, I’ve started work.   And, while I’ve had the money to start renting movies more frequently?   And possibly catch a train to Romford’s cinema district to catch some?

I’ve had slightly less time to do so.

Certainly, less than I’d like.

Saying that … ?   When I have rented something, I’ve always tried to made a point, even now, of trying to tell you about what I’ve seen.

You’ve possibly noticed, haven’t you … ?

At ANY rate, in between working, writing Teasers, and lord knows whatever else, I’ve not had as much time to devote to watching a film or two.

Let alone writing about them.


That’s not to say I’m going to give up on telling you about the films I’ve seen.   It’s just going to be a little less frequent than it’s been.

I’m hoping to supplement that by, instead, putting in some time, elsewhere.   So to speak.

You see, I’m like many people, I know.

I’ve got a TV.   You’d guessed that.

It shows TV programmes.   You’re not stupid: you’d realised that, too.

I think I’d like To add to my blogging horizons: on top of movies, Teasers, pub quizzes, and lord knows what else … ?

I’d like to add writing about genre TV, to Nik Nak’s Old Peculiar.

I’ve already made a start, with Dr Who, and Merlin.

I’d like to — however intermittently — add another to the mix.

I’d like to add something that actually started, last week: on the UK’s Channel 4.

It’s called Humans.

And … ?   I think I like it … 

But let me briefly try to sum up the story so far.

Last week’s first episode of Humans introduces us to a mixed bag of characters.

We met the Hawkins family*: parents Joe and Laura, teenage daughter, Matilda, son Toby and youngest daughter, Sophie.   Episode 1 shows us Joe buying the new family synth, Anita: played by Gemma Chan.

We get introduced to the fugitive, Leo — the ever reliable and competent Colin Morgan, who I remember from Merlin — a man desperately to track down someone from his past: and accompanied by his Synth, Max.   It ALSO introduces us to a Synth called Niska: stuck in what would be sexual slavery in a brothel, if she were human.   She and Leo … ?   Have something of a history.

And finally … ?

Last week’s opening episode ALSO introduces us to Dr George Millican: played by William Hurt, Dr Millican is an ageing widower, one who worked on the original design of Synths, and one not pleased to receive a new NHS Synth called Vera () … 

As he’s perfectly happy with Odi, the outdated one he already has.

There’s others characters as well: Neil Maskell plays troubled detective, Peter Drummond, and Danny Webb as Hobb, a man who seems to be interested in very specific, individual synths.

Episode 2, tonight’s, take things a little further.   We find, last week, that Anita has taken Sophie out at night: whilst the youngest member of the Hawkins family is asleep.   We see Laura putting apparent clues together, and working out that Anita seems to be lying.   Something a robot really shouldn’t be able to do.

Meanwhile, Leo and Max … ?   Visit an off-the-books mechanic who specialises in modifying synths.   One who has information Leo is after: about an unnamed synth … who looks a LOT like Anita … 

All this … ?   And Hobb is getting his technician at the lab both inhabit to do serious technical analysis of Fred.   Fred — much like Niska — is a synth who seems to be a lot more independent than most.

Almost human.

And with what look like memories of another synth … who ALSO seems to resemble Anita.

The fact the episode ends with Niska killing a client … ?   Is almost incidental … 


Now … 

We’re two episodes into Humans.

And, yes, before you ask: I’m enjoying the series so far.   As and when time allows, I think I want to tell you more about the series, as I catch up with it.

So far, the alternative reality — a world much like ours, where technology has gone down a slightly different path — is both intriguing … 

And I think, doing what the late Sir Terry Pratchett told us he was trying to make sure his Discworld novels did, at their best.

Held up a mirror to our world.

In both … ?

Both franchises may well be a distorted reflection of reality.

But a good hard look at ourselves is impossible without a mirror, however distorted.

I think Humans, much like the Disc, could well be doing just that.

*        Laura played by Katherine Parkinson, Joe by Tom Goodman-Hill, Matilda — Matty — played by Lucy Carless, Toby by Theo Stephenson, and Sophie by Pixie Davis.

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