Sunday, 21 June 2015

The Daily Teaser — 21-6-2015: International Yoga Day

Well … I’m officially off for the day.

I’m actually staring at the fact I have the day off: on the Summer Solstice.


I’m planning to look in on an old friend: and return some videos.

Oh … and have dinner with my family: including my nephew, Jude.

They’ve all just got back from a week in Cornwall: and frankly … ?

I’ve not been there for years: and I’d like to hear how it went for everyone.

I’m also wondering one thing.

Did anyone buy me a stick of rock … ?


But let’s get moving on, shall we?

Yesterday’s Teaser saw Debbi* putting in her answers: and scoring six out of six.

Let’s see how everyone does with today’s rather yogic questions, shall we?

Here they are, along the <>How To
, <>License and <>video

Q1) 21st June is the International Day of Yoga.   Yoga has its origins in which country?
Q2) Name either of the two best known forms of Yoga.
Q3) Forms of Yoga are practiced by three major religions.   Name one of them.
Q4) N. C. Paul introduced many in the West to Yoga: in his book, Treatise on Yoga Philosophy.   The book was published in which year of the 1850s?
Q5) Asanas’ is the traditional term for yoga … what?
Q6) Traditionally, there’s supposed to be how many of these asanas: 83, 84 or 85?
Q7) The classic crossed-legged yoga position is called the what position?   (It’s used in the picture in the background of today’s Teaser video.)
Q8) According to various yoga treatise, the human body has chakras: or energy points.   How many of these do we have: seven, eight or nine?
Q9) One school of Buddhism uses a type of yoga-based meditation called Zazen.   WHICH school?
Q10) Finally … yoga — and other such practices — were favourably spoken of, by Raffaello Martinelli.   Writing for whom: the Church Of England, the Roman Catholic Church or the Salvation Army?
Here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) 20th June, 1991, saw the German Bundestag — its Parliament — vote to change Germany’s capital.   From which German city?
A1) Bonn.
Q2) To where?
A2) Berlin.
Q3) 20th June, 2001, saw Andrea Yates drown her children: in a bathtub in which Texan city?
A3) Houston.   (She was suffering severe depression, and psychotic episodes, at the time: and believed she was stopping the devil getting them.)
Q4) 20th June, saw the signing of the memo that set up the hotline between the White House and the Kremlin: the famous Red Telephone, in other words.   Since 2008, it’s actually been a very secure form of what: teletype, email or fax machine?
A4) Email.
Q5) 20th June, 1967, saw the birth of which Australian/American actress?
Q6) Finally … 20th June, 1893, saw who acquitted of the axe murder of her parents?
I’ll leave you with observation from a noted comedian …
“The word ‘yoga’ literally means ‘uniting’, because when you’re doing it you are uniting your mind and your body.   You can tell this almost immediately because your mind will be thinking, ‘Ouch, that hurts,’ and your body will say, ‘I know.’   And your mind will think, ‘You have to get out of this position.’   And your body will say, ‘I agree with you, but I can’t right now.   I think I’m stuck.’”

Ellen DeGeneres.
And this tune … 

Have a good day.

*        It certainly tickled me, Debbi.   I got it from here, if you’re interested.   (Brainyquote usually don’t source them, like Wikiquote does: but it’s a handy source of quotes.)

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Debbi said...

Quotes are awesome!

1. India
2. Hatha and Raja
3. Buddhism
4. 1882
5. seated postures
6. 84
7. lotus
8. 7
9. Japanese Soto Zen Buddhism
10. the Roman Catholic Church