Thursday, 18 June 2015

The Daily Teaser — 18-6-2015: SALT 2

Well … 

That’s THAT delivery turned up … !

I don’t know about you, but — as and when I have the cash — I like doing a little online shopping.

I tend to use Amazon.   Despite my annoyance over the whole Amazon Prime incident — something I’m still annoyed about — they do tend to have a good range of goods available, and tend to deliver them when they saw they will.

I’d ordered a couple of DVDs, last week: expecting them to turn up, tomorrow.   But got despatched for delivery, Tuesday.

Of course, they turned up, ten minutes AFTER I went to work.

So Amazon re-scheduled them for delivery yesterday.

No problems there.   They turned up about 13:30.

All fine and groovy.

But, BOY … It’s frustrating, being stuck indoors all day … !

Cabin Fever doesn’t even start … !


But let’s get moving on, shall we?

Yesterday’s Teaser saw Michelle* and Debbi† putting in their answers: with Michelle scoring four out of five, and Debbi scoring five.

Let’s see how everyone does with today’s questions, shall we?

Here they are, along with the How To, License and video … 

Q1) 18th June saw the signing of the SALT 2 treaty: in which year of the 1970s?
Q2) The treaty was signed between the world’s two superpower: the USA and the USSR.   What does USA stand for?
Q3) Equally, what does USSR stand for?
Q4) What did SALT stand for?
Q5) Who was the US president that signed the SALT 2 treaty?
Q6) More to the point, who was the USSR’s then leader?
Q7) The treaty was signed in which European city: Vienna, Vilnius or Valletta?
Q8) The SALT 1 talks ended with the signing of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty: in which year?
Q9) That latter treaty was signed by Leonid Brezhnev: and which US President?
Q10) Finally … SALT 2 was delayed in the US Senate: when the USSR invaded where?
Here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) 17th June, 1579, saw a British expedition claim Nova Albion for the English Crown.   The expedition was led by whom: Captain James Cook, Sir Francis Drake or Captain William Morgan?
A1) Sir Francis Drake.
Q2) 17th June, 1885, saw the Statue of Liberty finally arrive: in New York Harbour.   The Statue is on which island in New York Harbour?
Q3) During the US War of Independence, 17th June, 1775 was the date of the Battle of Bunker Hill.   The Battle place during a siege of which US city?
A3) Boston, Massachusetts.
Q4) 17th June, 1985, saw the Space Shuttle Discovery launched on a mission: carrying Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud as a payload specialist.   Sultan was the first what to go into space: practicing Jew, practicing Muslim or practicing Buddhist?
A4) Practising Muslim.   (I think I can vaguely remember reading about this, at the time: I seem to recall the news reports mentioning the NASA investigations into the direction of Mecca, for given points on the mission.)
Q5) Finally, and during the American Indian Wars … 17th June, 1876 saw Cheyenne and Sioux forces force US Army forces into retreat: during the Battle of the Rosebud.   Which Lakota leader was in charge of the Sioux contingent?
A5) Crazy Horse.
I’ll leave you with this line from the Treaty …
“Each Party undertakes, in accordance with the provisions of this Treaty, to limit strategic offensive arms quantitatively and qualitatively, to exercise restraint in the development of new types of strategic offensive arms, and to adopt other measures provided for in this Treaty.”

Article 1 of the SALT 2 Treaty.
And a quick tune about the Cold War … 

Have a good day.

*        Sorry about that, Michelle‡: but the references I dug up told me Crazy Horse was running the proverbial show.

†        That you did, Debbi‡!

‡        Oh, isn’t waiting for Amazon deliveries frustrating?   (Hmmm … Waiting for Amazon … Sounds like a concept album … )

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Debbi said...

A concept of hell, perhaps? :)

1. 1979
2. United States of America
3. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
4. Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty
5. Jimmy Carter
6. Brezhnev
7. Vienna
8. 1972
9. Richard Nixon
10. Afghanistan

BTW, you said "Humans" starts at the end of June, right? On A&E?