Wednesday, 24 August 2016

House of Cards — Series 4: Episode 1, 2 and 3, (Chaptsrs 40, 41 and 42)

24th August.

You know … 

There’s possibly one thing I’d not have called myself, over the years.

Actually, there’s several things I’d’ve called myself, over the years.

One of the things I don’t call myself is a video gamer: at least, not a hardcore one.

No, I TEND to play casual video games: the likes of Tetris, and Pacman.

Beyond that … ?   Beyond THAT, I tend to spend my spare time with a film or two.

Or a book: the current bedtime reading?   Is Wells’ The Time Machine: still an utter dribbling classic.

Or I’ll watch a TV series.

You’d’ve worked that out, over the years.

That I’ll happily sit down with Dr Who, with Merlin, The Fades.

And, for a change of pace?

I’ve started watching series four, tonight.

Yep … It’s back … !


Series 4, Episode 1 — Chapter 40, overall — follows on from Season Three: showing us a desperate Frank: on the campaign trail, whipping up support for his nomination as Democrat candidate for the 2016 Presidency race.   All the while, trying to deny reports that his marriage to Claire is falling apart.

The episode also introduces us to LeAnn Harvey — Neve Campbell — a political consult hired by Claire, to manage her political campaign.   And reintroduces us to Lucas Goodwin — Sebastien Arcelus — trying desperately to show he’s been framed, in season two.

And to Ellen Burstyn, as Elizabeth, Claire’s mother: a mother dying of Cancer, but STILL disapproving her Daughter’s marriage.

Episode 2 — Chapter 41 — shows us Claire putting her political campaign into action: initially targeting a constituency in Dallas, currently occupied by the formidable Congresswoman Doris Jones — Cicely Tyson: a congress woman who is soon to retire, but hoping to see her daughter succeed her.

Needless to say … Congresswomen Jones gets on with her daughter far better than Elizabeth gets on with hers.

Episode 3 — Chapter 42 — sees Claire rejoining Frank, as he campaigns in South Carolina: trying to persuade the state’s African American population he’s a good choice for candidate … 

Only to see his attempts ruined … when someone finds an old photo of Frank’s father that implies he was a member of notorious white supremacist group, the KKK.

Losing him vital support at the last minute … 

Until Claire makes him an offer he can’t refuse … 


Now … 

“Was I impressed?” I hear you ask.

Oh, YES!

Looked at overall, I think I can agree with the general opinion of Series three of House of Cards.   That, as good as cast, crew and writers were, it wasn’t quite on a par with the first two series.

Series Four, on the other hand?

I think — based on these three episodes — that series four is going to be an improvement on series three: introducing tensions between Frank and Claire that will be central to the whole show.

Along with a performance from both Ellen Burstyn, Cicely Tyson, and Neve Campbell that are going to prove interesting.


I’m hooked again.

And will be happily binge-watching the other ten episodes, as soon as I get the chance … !

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